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  • Tie Rod and Drag Link

    I had it as a spare, but have since sold my Jeep and no longer need the spare.
    It's dirty (from being stored) but is still in good condition
    pulled from a mid 80's model Grand Wagoneer Narrow Track
    approximate Width between TREs is 51"

    Asking $100 but will entertain all offers
    Pictures available at imgur site (I'm new to that site for photo hosting)
    Tie Rod and Drag Link Pictures Here

    I tried posting pictures here but they are HUGE and I haven't figured out how to shrink them down to a more reasonable size

    Located Near Lake Wylie, SC
    New engine's finished:
    9.5:1 CR
    Mahle Flat Top Pistons - Coated Skirts
    Polished Valves and Chambers
    Offy Dual Port intake
    Barry Grant 625 Road Demon
    K54 Engle grind on 112 LSA
    RollMaster Timing
    Polished Rods
    Doug Thorley Headers
    Customized Valve Covers