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yet still another bad Team grand Wagoneer experience

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  • yet still another bad Team grand Wagoneer experience

    Yup, yet another bad Team Grand Wagoneer experience.

    I ordered new seat belts for $274 and a new set of tan interior carpet for $319. Both had serious issues when they arrived. It's been over a month now and despite repeated phone calls and emails there has been no answer regarding replacement.

    The carpet I chronicled in an earlier separate thread. The ACC carpet is a bad fit and low quality, but I expect there is no recourse.

    I also ordered a new set of tan front seat belts for my '87 wag. They shipped 2 middle lap belts in the correct color and 1 inertia belt in the wrong color. They got 1 out of 3 on this one.

    They still need to ship 2 tan inertia belts to correct this order.

    I did finally make phone contact today with a woman named Stephanie Davis at 262-658-1999. If you use the email or phone number on there website don't expect a return call. I think this is a special tel number they use with their suppliers.

    She told me that she had shipped replacement seat belts. I ran the tracking order she provided and it was a 30 lb package from....ACC! I called her back and told her she mistakenly shipped me someone elses carpet order, wants the carpet back and is sending Fed X to pick it up. Right.

    I then asked her again where my seat belts were. She said "I thought they shipped them", then she put me on hold for 5 minutes and disconnected me for the second time today.

    A woman named Melissa owns this business. She relies on her employees to act on her behalf to further her business. In this case Stephanie has let her down, under no circumstances will I ever order another product from these guys again.

    As I noted in my carpet post, I knew that dealing with Team Grand Wagoneer was risky. But I had a bunch of parts I needed that BJ's doesn't sell, and didn't want to split up my order.

    I hope BJ's can expand his line of products so we don't have to rely on TGW as a supplier for certain parts.
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    When reading through other TGW experiences here... The happy folks seem to be those with orders that "fit" into TGW's simple order process. If a customer strays ever so little from their simple order process, or need help outside their simple process(es)... These be the not so happy folks.
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      How not to do customer service:

      A telephone call today:

      TGW answers phone: Team grand wagoneer
      Me: Hi it's (me), I have some good news, the carpet you mistakenly shipped me just arrived.
      TGW: Fed x will be by today to pick it up.
      Me: Now for the bad news, the carpet stays here until my seat belts arrive. I am sorry to have to do this, but I have been trying for a month to get this resolved and you don't return phone calls or e-mails.
      TGW: You are not our only customer.
      Me: Yes, but today is a special day, today I am your most important customer aren't I.
      TGW: Please hold, I have to transfer your call to (TGW owner).
      Me: Where are my seat belts.
      TGW: We shipped them.
      Me: I need a tracking number:
      TGW: Please hold.
      TGW: The number is (fed X tracking Number here)
      Me: Great, when the seat belts arrive, you can schedule your pick up.
      TGW: We also need the wrong seat belts you shipped you returned.
      Me: No problem you can have them back after I receive the my new ones.
      TGW: We will send Fed X
      Me: Thanks, Bye. "Click"

      I learned that I am not their only customer, and they are absolutely unapologetic about having screwed up my order.

      Just goes to show that even if you're incompetent success is possible if you pick the right business niche.
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        Exactly what I would have done also. Make sure they don't charge your cc again.
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          My seat belts arrived yesterday, which aside from the crappy ACC carpet, closes out my order with TGW.

          The seat belts were drop shipped from:

          Quality looks OEM, although no jeep logo on the release button.

          Now for Fed x to haul away the carpet and incorrect seat belts.
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          1974 J20 Pioneer, ZZ/8,000 GVW, 401-4V, QT.