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Any other scammed by Garth Wilson ( edwardsterlingco ) ?

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  • Any other scammed by Garth Wilson ( edwardsterlingco ) ?

    Hi guys,

    this is a nice story how to burn 600 $...

    As some of you know I´m just restoring my Wagoneer and as I live in Germany

    where are nearly no spare parts available, I have to buy in the US.

    After many very helpful and good experience with nice people, I met now a

    very clever guy that sells on ebay interesting FSJ parts.

    And this guy named Garth Wilson ( edwardsterlingco ) has a special businessconcept.

    We did trade two times, everything was fine.

    I started to trust him ? what was my first fault.

    3 month ago he listed stainless steel rain gutter moldings on ebay which I really could

    need, but the price was high. They were not sold.

    I asked him for a better pricing what he accepted and we had a deal.

    That was my second fault.

    Than he came back an offered me additionally a rare trim for the tailgate window,

    what I accepted ? That was the third fault.

    He came back again and asked, if there is a FSJ fellow in Germany who wants

    a rain gutter trim also ? to share the shipping costs ? what I negated.

    So I did not made fault number four what does not count after three faults?

    Then I had to wait for the delivery for a long time and it never received.

    I asked him for any receipts or tracking information which never came.

    Meanwhile I got no answer to any email.

    At that time he offered his rain gutter trims a second set was offered at ebay from a

    different seller by chance.

    He bought this set and never paid it - probably to ?clean? the market.

    My internet research showed that I am not the first guy he scammed:

    So the only thing I can do is to warn other FSJ fellows.

    Don´t do business with him !

    Take care!

    1990 Grand Wagoneer - Baltic Blue/ Sand

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    Sorry for your bad experience, I think you should open a claim with ebay/Paypal.
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      Well...I was bidding on the second auction that he had those SS drip railings for. Kinda glad I stopped at $240!!! He is selling some foglights right now that I was going to buy, but after reading this, I am not sure that I want too!!!
      1988 GW


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        I can´t claim that at ebay/paypal after 45 days and sometimes it takes very long to send to Europe. But this seems to be part of his concept.

        1990 Grand Wagoneer - Baltic Blue/ Sand


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          This is the reason I ALWAYS pay with a credit card especially with eBay.

          Don't have to deal with PayPal claim shenanigans, just call CC company directly and dispute the charge.
          They always take care of it, PayPal claims have been pretty useless for me.
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            I've dealt with him a couple of times in person and both were positive dealings. I even ran into him once at a local junkyard where he was grabbing parts from FSJ's. Ethan was there too.

            I know he is on this board, but dunno his screen name.

            He did seem to be slightly on the shady side - didn't want to give details about himself, seemed secretive, didn't want to talk much (except about FSJ's), etc. I think that kinda comes with the territory of junkyard dealings.

            Would I do business with him again? Yes, in person.

            sorry to hear about your problems.

            If he is any kind of man, he will make it right with you, or at least provide explanation.
            Please come on over to and have a look.


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              sorry for you Gunnar

              I had also an issue with him : the parts was not sent
              I opened a paypal claim before the 45 days and finally i got a refund from him
              The communication was good (we were discussing about another parts) until i discovered that the parts was not sent
              It seems that some have a positive experience with him, but obviously You have to be cautious with this guy especially if you are oversea

              My advice for oversea buyers like you or me is to open a claim when there is an issue or just a risk before the 45 days
              I forgot once also for another purchase with another guy
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                $280?!?!? I paid $30 for my set and it's still in the garage. I might need to box it up and put it on eBay.

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                  By any chance is his full name Garth Doug Wilson? If he's the guy I'm thinking of I've dealt with him in person and he is a VERY shifty character. If we're talking about the same guy I might have some additional contact info for him assuming he hasn't changed it.
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                    Is there any way to find out this guys username? Maybe somebody who has access to info when somebody joins could lead us to this guy Whoever this guy is he's affecting fsj's and ifsja and should be banned from fsj's and fsj parts for all eternity
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                    Originally posted by fulsizjeep
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                      I bought a clock from him, I just received it today, it was a little slow getting here, but not too bad.

                      Thanks for the heads up though!

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                        If I meet a guy named Garth in a junkyard, I'm just gana assume he's a dirt bag and stuff him in the nearest trunk. Problem solved.
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                          Iv dealt with him about 7 or 8 times mostly off ebay and he has never screwed me on anything and has even sent screws and small parts free of charge and even took pics of a window regulator installed when i bought one from him to show how its installed as my SJ had one completely missing.

                          Just my experience with him.
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                            Thank you all for your experiences and sympathies !

                            I advised him to this thread and communication started again

                            with his offer to send the parts.

                            Meanwhile I got some tracking information but I keep skeptical

                            until I have something in my hand ...

                            I think everyone will understand that .

                            I´ll keep you informed and hope for a happy end.

                            1990 Grand Wagoneer - Baltic Blue/ Sand


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                              I've dealt with him before and he took forever to ship what I ordered from him. I don't think its that he is shady...just very unorganized...good luck...I've always had good luck with claims against paypal, just takes forever.
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