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Old 07-17-2000, 03:44 PM
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I was wondering, if I put more springs in, say two or three, I know that I will get more height, but will it make the ride stiffer? I would have to say yes but I am still a little unsure on this. Mark, you said the guy's in the spring shop next door said to put in more springs to stop axle wrap, can you help me on this one please. As you might have read I am doing away with my spring over and just want to get enough lift to put my 32's on. I am also going to go with a shackle flip in the rear and a shackle reversal up front, any comments on this setup?

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Old 07-17-2000, 04:22 PM
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hi pc
the block setup i have now looks ridiculous.its 7 inches tall!no wonder i have such bad axle rear springs are 4 in skyjackers and they are brand new.they are too soft for me ,i run rancho 9000s and ive had to turn the settings up.the springshop told me that if i keep the new springs considerably shorter than the 1st few in the skyjacker set and i dont really add much arch to them ,that the ride wont change too much.for me anything is better than all those blocks.i would like to do a shackle flip in the rear also but it looks complicated (mine is a daily driver)although i can machine just about anything ,we dont have a welder.i would also like to do a shackle reversal in the front but that also looks difficult.i dont think its as easy as just bolting the front up solid and putting the shackle in the rear.someone correct me if im wrong. i really like this eek guy!

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