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Old 10-02-2019, 11:53 AM
ehansen007 ehansen007 is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Sep 23, 2019
Location: CA
Posts: 3
Hello from Orange County, CA! Meet my FSJ Betsie

Hey all,

Glad to finally get on here an post some Jeep stuff. I picked up an 87 GW from a friend with the idea that I'll fix 'er up and get it running for all of us to enjoy. I took full ownership to eliminate confusion and I won't say what I paid but it was a great deal.

Almost everything works. The Fuel system is having some issues as we noticed it starving for fuel. I noticed a lot of black sediment coming out of the filter so more had to be in it and the lines, so I pulled the tank (and more than a few rusted bolts) to get see what's up. What I found was that the instructions in the Hayes manual were off a bit considering the tank shield etc but it's all out. Some rust etc on the shield but I think I'm just going to paint with the black rubber sealant for now and re-use vs buying a new one. I'm considering a full restore at some point.

While there was quite a bit of sediment in the tank it wasn't bad. I noticed the pickup screen filter had come off though. I think that allowed everything into the lines and stuffed them up. Next step is to put in a new sender/pickup, blow out the lines, and maybe replace the fuel pump and main filter? Looks like the carb was rebuilt before it the car was stowed away for 2 years thinking that was causing the stalling. But it wasn't it. May need to still clean out too. After that we'll see if we can keep her running and pass smog so I can register and drive it.

Other items on the list:

1. Carpet Kit- It's so bad right now. Just awful. LOL Waiting on stockinteriors to send me samples to match the doors. I think it's tan interior but no one just makes tan and names it....TAN! Doeskin, Caramel, what the heck

2. Trailer hitch. I've looked all over. Does anyone make a bolt on or should i just take it to have it welded on to the frame?

3. Wood paneling kit- Thought about the vinyl but I'm not repainting yet so I'm thinking about painting it on myself. I'm fairly resourceful and artistic. Anyone else done this? My paint is OK with the exception of a few rust spots and the common spot above the windshield peeling off. It looks like the are was repainted at some point. Overall the body is super straight.

4. Maybe refurb the wheels and look at some new tires and maybe lift a tad as the leaf springs are sagging a bit. The truck rides really nice though on new-ish shocks. Will blocks to lift it work okay for now until the full overhaul?


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Old 10-02-2019, 04:02 PM
rang-a-stang's Avatar
rang-a-stang rang-a-stang is offline
Join Date: Oct 31, 2016
Location: Camarillo, CA
Posts: 3,609
Woo Hoo! Where are you in OC? My brother lives in HB, I graduated high school in Yorba Linda. My wife is from Costa Mesa. Lottsa FSJers down there!

Welcome! Step 1: trash the Haynes manual. Those things cause more problems than they fix. Then go here and download the service manual closest to your year:

Recently, there was another member on here that had some issues with black sediment getting into their fuel system, too but it was carbon from the carbon can. Post pictures and we'll see if it is the same.

HAHA! I have that frustration, too (color names).

How much of a hurry are you in for a hitch? If you wait and watch the classifieds here, you will end up with a factory hitch for a good price. There were several over the years from AMC/Jeep. I prefer the V-Type one like on my rig but there were also a square one on the later rigs like yours. They show up fairly often for cheap. Also watch craigslist here in SoCal and they show up every once in a while. Factory hitches bolt on. Most aftermarket bolt on. I have only seen one welded on and it was a hack job.

I am no help on the wood.

Lift blocks will only work on the back. For the front you can get helper springs as a band aid to lift a little but it will compromise the ride quality. Looking at your pics, it doesn't look sagged, it looks like you have bigger than stock tires?

You have a GREAT rig to start on! Smog is not as bad as people say. Just tune it stock and you will get through. Your seats look GREAT!! Welcome to the "Association"!
79 Cherokee Chief (passed CA smog check Sept 2020)
(Cherokee Build Thread)
11 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition 4x4
09 Mazdaspeed3 Grand Touring
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Old 10-02-2019, 06:13 PM
UnkleMunky's Avatar
UnkleMunky UnkleMunky is offline
350 Buick
Join Date: Oct 17, 2000
Location: The Zenith City, Up Nort'
Posts: 1,219
I agree, it looks like a great rig to work with!

I *somewhat* disagree on the Haynes....though I completely agree on getting the factory manual if you can. The Haynes and Chiltons do have some good pics and things that you don't find in the factory manuals, but the pluses are few and far between. I have most of the manuals that pertain to my rig.....the more the merrier. Definitely go to the link Rang posted above...well worth it. You can search ebay and such for used factory manuals as well.

Woodgrain....BJ's does have a variety of options, but I am going to put my two cents in. I really don't care much for the vinyl woodgrain....and yours is already stripped, so my personal recommendation is to consider skipping new woodgrain. But your rig is clean and solid enough that it would actually look good with a nice original styling to it. Being it's your wag, you can do what you want with it....including a custom painting. Whatever you go with what you really want in the end.

I'm not much help on the sag/springs....have not used lift kits, so have no real experience with them.

Does the hitch over at BJ's work for your rig:

Otherwise, go with rang's suggestions there too.

Welcome. And feel free to ask questions and post your are always good too....we soak 'em up like bread in a mud puddle.
Michael (UnkleMunky)
'78 J10: 258, 4 speed(T18), longbed, topper
'08 Dodge Grand Caravan
Some dogs, a few fountain pens...and too many sewing machines...
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Old 10-02-2019, 07:39 PM
SOLSAKS's Avatar
350 Buick
Join Date: Jul 25, 2016
Location: Benson. NC
Posts: 1,235
what I can't get over
is the condition of the leather on the front seats.

no cracks, hardly any creases, just natural lines in the leather
and it looks like the original leather from factory.

and,...even though my rims on an 88 wagoner have the thinner "fins"
I like the rims on yours much better,....
more polished aluminum area to shine.

dave in NC
SOLSAKS - dave
1976 J-10 HONCHO Fleetside
1982 J-10 Fleetside
1988 grand wagoneer
2004 RUBICON jeep
Benson, NC
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Old 10-04-2019, 07:13 AM
miracleed's Avatar
miracleed miracleed is offline
232 I6
Join Date: Feb 19, 2019
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 115
beauty of a truck! welcome aboard. there's an episode of wheeler dealers where they paint on the wood paneling. i don't recall reading about people doing it on here but i'm sure someone has. also, with a price tag of $1500-$2000 for the trim and woodgrain vinyl kits i'm holding off until /all/ of my body work is done.
'79 Wagoneer Limited
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Old 10-04-2019, 10:44 AM
jpjeeper's Avatar
jpjeeper jpjeeper is offline
258 I6
Join Date: Jul 26, 2007
Location: Fontana, Ca
Posts: 363
I'm fairly local...*Inland Empire* been doing FSJ and AMC for quite a bit... restored a couple of GW's a few CJ's a few YJ's some TJ's and built a JK...

I weld, rebuild engines etc... so if you have questions... just ask...

Current project is a Gladiator J3600
1967 J3000 Gladiator 327 Vigilante
1972 CJ5 Renegade
2006 Rubicon Unlimited
2017 Rubicon Unlimited Hard Rock
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Old 10-04-2019, 11:22 AM
chubbinius's Avatar
chubbinius chubbinius is online now
232 I6
Join Date: Oct 31, 2018
Location: San Diego
Posts: 213
That's a great looking start to some fun! I agree with Dave, those front seats look to be in incredible condition!
1970 1414X Wagoneer "The Pig"
-Dauntless 350 V8
-D27 front/D44 rear
2006 XK (65th Ann Edition)-DD
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Old 08-03-2020, 01:29 PM
ehansen007 ehansen007 is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Sep 23, 2019
Location: CA
Posts: 3
Thanks everyone. I'm sad to say I signed up here and posted up that first post and lost the link! First time back. Major updates. I've learned so much via the Facebook chat and She's been such a fun project so far. Here's what's happened

1. After pulling the tank a couple of times and cleaning everything out, putting in a new fuel pump, it turns out it just had the short sender so I eventually got the BJs one in and problem solved there. But it's all new breather valves and air tight. We even did the smoke check! Live and learn I guess.

2. Got it smogged just fine after that amazingly but she still ran rough.

3. Pulled the carb and the base plate and gaskets were all cracked. Go that fixed and rebuilt the carb and reset the float and she ran great. Been reliable since then although she still idles a bit rough on deceleration etc but very livable. Choke works and she runs pretty clean but still have exhaust manifold leaks so she sounds like a steam train on the gas.

4. Bought the vinyl trim used from someone and spent two or three days getting the old adhesive off only to not use it to this point. I think I like the no wood look better.

5. Fixed the rear window switch and removed the safety switch as that was a real problem. Also fixed all the windows. The fronts are pretty good but the backs are still slow

6. Removed the fuseable links in the engine compartment and replace with real fused links that I can see and replace if they blow. This really helped with the electrical flow.

7. Installed new Deemer (local here in Santa Ana) springs which got the ride height nice and recently put new Bilsteins front and rear and man does she ride nice!! Love it.

8. New tires as big as I could get.

9. Pulled rear carpet and installed some fake wood flooring which looks nice.

10. New Kenwood head unit/media player with decent JBL 6" front and 6x9" backs and also a Bazooka powered sub which I wrapped with some wood vinyl wrap which is hilarious. Sounds amazing for a low powered system! Now I listen to JJ Grey, Van Morrison, and Johnny Cash all the time in high fidelity! I can also take calls via bluetooth which is awesome.

11. New wood steering wheel and custom beer tap column shifter

12. Spent close to $1k getting the AC working with new condenser, lines, etc. Works killer now.

13. New distributor after I broke the original one (long, lame story)

14. Cleaned the interior and man the stock carpet came back to life!

So now almost everything works (except cruise control) and I'd like to fix the exhaust leak soon and I should be good for a while. Just bought a new Kia Telluride which is loaded but honestly I love the Jeep more since I have so much of a relationship with her now.
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Old 08-03-2020, 02:14 PM
rang-a-stang's Avatar
rang-a-stang rang-a-stang is offline
Join Date: Oct 31, 2016
Location: Camarillo, CA
Posts: 3,609
I am getting my 79 through smog now and then plan to ditch my exhaust manifolds. One one of the manifolds changed in 1980 (I do not remember which) but if you want my manifolds, you can have them. They have brand new seals at the air injection tubes and do not leak. I will be road tripping to Huntington Beach later this month and am willing to meet you to hand them over if you want them... PM me if interested.
79 Cherokee Chief (passed CA smog check Sept 2020)
(Cherokee Build Thread)
11 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition 4x4
09 Mazdaspeed3 Grand Touring
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Old 08-04-2020, 10:26 AM
ehansen007 ehansen007 is offline
230 Tornado
Join Date: Sep 23, 2019
Location: CA
Posts: 3
That would be great. Super thoughtful of you. I'll PM you my info. Thx.
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