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Old 05-13-2009, 01:24 PM
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2009 Summer Event Sponsorships Announcement (ECI / Etc.)

2009 Summer Event Sponsorships Announcement (ECI / Etc.)

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests for sponsorships for the events this summer, and in the past we have been able to donate a good amount of parts and gift certificates that were used in give-aways at the various events. But this year we have decided to do something a little different…..

This year, the Tellico ORV park was closed down due to a lawsuit brought forth by the Trout Unlimited group. Rather than keep the park open and find a way to accommodate both ORV users and the TU group, the National Forest Service opted to shut down the trails to ORV users’ altogether. Unfortunately, this sets a precedent throughout the country where other parks can be closed, which reduces / eliminates our ability to use our rigs on lands that we pay taxes toward. You can also see similar actions happening throughout the US at places like Rubicon, etc. Not only does this directly affect our ability to wheel on public lands, but it also directly affects our business and the businesses of others that support ORV users.

So, having said that, we have partnered up with the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA), United Four Wheel Drive Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition and others to help repair / build up an FSJ that was purchased from one of our local GFSJ members, and that rig will be raffled off later this year to help fund a lawsuit that is being brought against the National Forest Service. In lieu of donating products to the various FSJ events, we feel that it would be more beneficial for our hobby / livelihood to provide parts and support to this effort, as it is something that will benefit all of us in the future. Tickets will be available for purchase soon, and all proceeds will go directly to the SFWDA and their group to be used in the lawsuit.

Here is a link to the SFWDA’s page about the raffle:

I hope everyone understands why we are doing this, and the importance that this lawsuit will play for everyone. I also hope that everyone will join up and help out any way they can (including buying raffle tickets). If you have any questions, you can email me at Thanks!

Also, I was going to post this in land use and events, as it applies to each of those forums, but the raffle and information is more of a general-discussion item and hopefully will be more appropriate here. If not, please feel free to move it or I can delete / repost as needed. Thanks!
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