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Old 12-13-2016, 07:40 PM
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89 GW Rebuild with 454/700R4/241C

I have been watching you guys here build your rides and there is a lot of cool stuff happening. Jeeps have always been my favorite and I have had several over the years with my very first vehicle being a 47 CJ2A. The one that has stuck with me the most is the 82 Brougham that I got in 1988. It was a great daily driver but when I got a 25ft boat I didn't have anything to haul it. So I decided to build a tow vehicle by swapping the 6 banger 5 speed from the Jeep with a 454 700R4. It was a perfect fit. I drove it till about 1999 when the body finally gave out. I yanked the engine out and used it in a hot fod for a while and then the search began for a replacement GW. After several years of on and off looking and even driving all over to look, at some so called "great shape" Waggy's, only to find some pile of rust, I finally located a near rust free 89 GW 5 miles from my house from somebody I knew no less. Go figure.

Things that were done to the 82 many moons ago included, 700R4/241C, 411's with posi front and rear. I had a Ford 9" rear end cut and narrowed for it because going from the 2.78 gears to the 411's would have cost me the same as the narrowed 9" and I wasn't to sure about putting that much torque through the Jeep axle.

So basically I had all this stuff just sitting around just waiting for the new body to show up. I currently have the 89 "drive able" with the 454 but have a ton of stuff to do yet.

Here is the 82 before the parts yanking began.

And the 89 as it got home.

First thing was to tear down the 2 and get everything spiffyed up.

Test fit engine and make the new motor mounts

With all the prefab work done I spent the next couple months tearing down, cleaning and painting all the parts and resealing everything.

Added disc brakes to the rear for better stopping and the old drum brakes were toast.

Pretty much had to build everything I wanted. Made new trans lines with trans temp gauge location, radiator brackets, A/C bracket, throttle bracket and pretty much everything else.

Here it sits at this point in time but I have a lot to do still. Interior, some wiring, and many other GW fixes like the Tailgate, door locks. It was a lot of work to get it to this point but having the 82 first helped some. I will keep up the progress on here when I can. If anyone has any questions on what it took to get it here, feel free to ask. Kind of playing catch up with the build thread.

I just noticed somebody left a beer under my hood.

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Old 12-15-2016, 04:33 PM
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looks sweet. It's always nice to have extra parts hanging around for the next build
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Old 12-16-2016, 12:14 AM
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Picture story:
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Old 12-25-2016, 07:49 PM
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Location: Florida
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This weekend was Christmas for me so I managed to get some work done on the Wag. Yesterday I managed to get a couple things done like get the 4X4 light wired up to the transfer case and fully welded the rear spring pads so now I won't be scared to stomp on it for the first time.
Friday afternoon I extended the track bar on the front axle and got the track bar in along with the 4" drop pitman arm. Bump steer gone now and it doesn't want to turn left when I get on the gas hard.

Today was a long day trying to get the fan shroud installed. I had a buddy bend me up a shroud and I just had to fit it. Sounds easy right? Well after an all day affair of cutting, grinding, welding and very little cussing, cause I was in the Christmas spirit, I had 3/4 of it in, kind of. I need to get it back out and finish the bottom of it and replace the top piece with one with a longer flange. All in all, it wasn't to bad. With my buddies being off for the holidays I had to cut all the aluminum with my hand held shear, also known as a circular saw and cut off wheel. Got it roughed in, just need to take it out and do the finish work on it like fill in around the radiator hoses.

That was a big task off the list, at least mostly. I did manage to get a short test drive in and with the rear end more solid I got on it once and figured out my clutch pack posi in the rear isn't going to be up to the task. The right rear tire less loose and went to laying rubber. Project for another time.
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Old 12-26-2016, 07:55 AM
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Perfect Build

VERY NICE.Top Secrets brother.....
1982 cherokee nt. 454. nv4500 .205. dana 60 f+r. twin stick.hydroboost.hydrolic clutch.rock ram.traction bar.warn 12000 winch.4 wheel disc.flip kit.soa.high steer.cross over steer.4.56 detroit locker.35 spline rear alloy axles. 37s .1990 grand wagoneer aka trusty rusty
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Old 12-26-2016, 06:39 PM
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Join Date: Dec 10, 2016
Location: Florida
Posts: 186
Thanks fellas. Lots of work to do yet. I have been cruising the site for ideas for the coming work. One of the project dilemmas was the steering column. I didn't want to leave the old shifter column and just remove the lever and fill in the holes for the shift indicator. That would leave the problem of the key being able to be turned off all the way and locking the wheel while driving, not good. My first solution was to just use the 82 column which was a standard shift Wag. Well, after removing the 82 column I realized that the wipers and high beam switch were not on the column, ooops. OK, I''ll just tear down the 2 columns and make 1. Not so fast, after disassembling both of them down to the knuckle of the tilt part, I realized that they were even different. I finally threw in the towel and called Steering Column Services in Utah, nobody local seemed to know anything, and explained my dilemma. He immediately knew what I needed so I shipped everything to him for a rebuild. Apparently a couple of the pieces from the 82 column were kind of rare so he gave me a $100 credit for those parts since I wasn't going to need them. I think I have the parts list if anybody would want to try and build one. Has all the switches in the right place and has the little lever behind the key to avoid going to lock. Wasn't cheap but after pulling some of my hair out after tearing them down, I didn't care. Now to find a 3 spoke Jeep wheel like my 82 had, it's kind of rough.

I temporarily mounted the el cheepo tach on the column in front of the speedo cause it ain't working anyway.

For the trans shifter, I used a B&M ratchet shifter. I remember using the old B&M standard inline shifter and it was easy to go up or down to far and be in the wrong gear or worse yet neutral or reverse. The ratchet shifter is actually easier to control, even the wife can do it. The 4X4 shifter was removed from the 82 and hooked right up to the 241C case. Now to build a center console to pretty it all up.

My old glove box dash panel I had in the 82 is kind of holding the mixed set of old gauges I had laying around just to keep an eye on things for now and I also have the dash gauges working also. I had a S.S. White Technologies electronic speedo in the 82 and after sitting all these years in the Jeep, it still worked, wow was I shocked. Debating a set of Speed Hut gauges for the dash. That will have to wait for now.

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