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Old 01-06-2004, 10:44 AM
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Originally posted by racer32:
is it absolutely neccessary to get a drop pitman arm with a 4" lift?

I run 4" Superstiff springs with no DPA and I have no bump steer.

It is quite possible (likely) that the reason that I have no bumpsteer is somewhat related to the Superlift "springs." You see, the concept of bumpsteer is that when the vehicle hits a bump, it compresses the suspension and changes the effective length of the draglink. However, seeing as I have yet to hit a bump that could compress those monster, POS, superthick leaves Superlift calls "springs," I have no problem with bumpsteer. My advice to those considering Superlift "springs" -> install a piece of 4x6 steel in place of your springs. It will give you the same ride quality and will be cheaper

Originally posted by Outback Jeep:
Ryan, this is not subjective. When a person has been the four wheel drive industry as long as I have things start to becoming fact rather than opinion.
Brian - I think you may be coming across a little bit condescendingly here. I don't own BJ's springs and I am a far cry from the point where I would call them (or any other springs) the best springs out there, HOWEVER, your opinion, is not fact. No matter how long you have been in the industry.
Welcome to the board, and I hope you decide to stay and contribute to this awesome forum, but you may find the waters here a smidge more accomodating if you can manage to tone it down a hair. Even your signature line is a bit say you are the leader in FSJs, when I for one have never even heard of you...just my $.02

PS to Racer32 - feel free to come test drive my rig to see how you like driving with a 4" and no DPA.
No FSJs for the time being - "I'm working on it, I'm working on it" (think Mike Meyers' SNL skit about the gut)
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