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Old 03-20-2002, 10:47 AM
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Now listed in alphabetical order.

This is the official list of reservations for those of us that want to meet up at the Full Size Jeep Invasion in Ouray, CO. 15-17 August 2002.

Find out what The Invasion is all about here: Ouray

You should be pre-registered by now. Read all you can to learn about Ouray b4 heading that way.

Post your trip information and b4 you hit the road print out this post and you’ll have all the info right there in your hot little hands. Remember the official CB channel for 4wheel'n is #4.

Please make it short with no sigs or faces. I posted this in the Tech section so I can edit it for content. I don't want you to have a 50-page printout to carry around.

Make a new post if you have changes!!!

Nick/Nam/Passengers e: 64trvlr/Kevin, Mylinda
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/61/13-18
Year/Model/Color: 64/Traveler/Green
CB Handle/Cell#/email: /Shooter/520.906.9135/
Travel Plans: get in, start engine, drive to Ouray
Convoy Members: Don’t know yet, maybe Archile and family, and J20

Nick/Name/Passengers: Bob Barry/Bob Barry/Karen/Emily(7)Catherine(4)Rebecca(2)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Best Western/?/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 88/GW/white
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "Dr. Bob"/401.578.2916/
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Nam/Passengers e: Dan Pauli/Family
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/42/14-17
Year/Model/Color: J20 Project
CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: David/Cindy Rauch
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Cascade Falls Lodge/14-16 Aug
Year/Model/Color: 86 Wag/Black
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Zorro/618-541-9338/
Travel Plans: Depart St Louis Area 13 Aug Via I-70
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: derf/Roy Grimm
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/51/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 85/GW/Maroon+Primer
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "Roy"/817-456-9758/
Travel Plans: Convoy with Michael above
Convoy Members: Michael

Nick/Name/Passengers: Dive 30/Phill Van Why/Brooke(wife)/Mark(dog)/??
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Best Western Twin Peaks/??/14-18
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Dave 30/319.400.7264
Travel Plans: we'll be coming from Fort Collins, Colorado I-25 South to I-70 West, leaving the 13th
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Dome or Adamstrator/Adam Zeimet/Mike Zeimet(dad)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Roughin' it the 12th then Comfort Inn 13-18
Year/Model/Color: 83/Wag/Green
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "adam or dome"/970-988-6273/will monitor channel 19 and 4 on the way down
Travel Plans: Leaving Monday morning from Denver. Forgot to book Monday night in the hotel room, so I will either be camping if I can find a spot, or sleeping in the truck Monday night.
Convoy Members: Anybody who wants to join me on Monday for the trip out, the more the merrier. Shoot me an email at or give me a call at the above number if you want to meet around south or west Denver, or just outside of town on hwy 285.

Nick/Name/Passengers: Don S/
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Pollys Riverside Inn/?/16-17
CB Handle/Cell#/email: “Brazos One”
Year/Model/Color: 76/Wag/Black-n-Mud
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Ernzo/Ernie
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/46/15-18
Year/Model/Color: 84/GW/white
CB Handle/Cell#/email: None
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: ExpandingMan/+1 (Shayfus)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: hopefully KOA
Year/Model/Color: 83/Cherokee/White
CB Handle/Cell#/email: ExpandingMan/(423)580-7885
Travel Plans: Coming up from Chattanooga, TN. See y'all there!
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Gary Holmes/Gary Holmes/Heather
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA 14-17
Year/Model/Color: 78/Chero Chief/NATO Camo
CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans: Leave Phoenix 14th early AM, Arrive at Ouray same night.
Convoy Members: N/A

Nick/Name/Passengers: Harry Pauli Sr./Billie(wife)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/60/13-17
Year/Model/Color: M715 Wag conversion
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Four Flipper
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Heimeken/Jaime Sepulveda/???
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Comfort in/?/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 85/Wag/Brown
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Heimeken/?/
Travel Plans: Leave El Paso Tuesday evening, night in Albuquerque or Santa Fe
Convoy Members: Meet up with Joe-JTruck and whoever else is leaving Santa Fe on the 14th

Nick/Name/Passengers: irbob/Bob Couillard/None
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/cabin #40B/14-18th
Year/Model/Color: 83/Wagoneer Brougham/Yellow
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "ir"/520-559-0871/
Travel Plans: Depart @ ~ 2200 on 12th, take I-10 west to Phoenix, I-17 north to Flagstaff, 89 north to 160 east through 4 corners to Durango, 550 north to Ouray. Hope none of you monsters run me over on the way.
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: J20 (Seems I lost your info, please post again)
CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Jeepguzzi/Larry Warren/Possible Becca(7) and/or Daniel(4)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/47c/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 79/W/T Chero/Green
CB Handle: Guzzi/630.710.0027
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: jeepjake/Tom/Susan (if she isn’t "ex" by then!)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Comfort Inn/14-18/Possible share with someone? at KOA
Year/Model/Color: 87/GW/Gold
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "stringbean"/(email for cell)/
Travel Plans: Leave Boulder/Denver Wednesday late morn, can meet traveling members on way through Denver, or Cheyenne.
Convoy Members: ?

Nick/Name/Passengers: Joe J-Truck/Russell/My dog Luna-tics
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/54/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 82/J10/Red
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Joe J-Truck/
Travel Plans: Leave Santa Fe early Aug 14 with FSJ convoy. All are welcome at my Santa Fe home!
I have couch, floor and tent space for traveling FSJers. Phone: 505-316-2753 call or email for directions
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Josh D/Josh Dockery
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/47D/14-17
Year/Model/Color: 71/J20/Yellow or Orange
CB Handle/Cell#/email: “Doc”/719.237.1592
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Kenall/Ken Wetherall/1
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: hotel/unk/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 1966/Super Wagoneer/Indian Ceramic
CB Handle/Cell#/email: ShotGun/925 518 0329/
Travel Plans: Leave Reno NV 13th, stay SLC. Arrive Ouray night of 14
Convoy Members: 70 J3000, 79 Cherokee Chief, 74 Wagoneer, 78 Cherokee Chief...

Nick/Name/Passengers: Kimbrough/me!/Laura
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs
Year/Model/Color: 88/GW/Green woody
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Note yet
Travel Plans: Leaving Atlanta Aug 13th, I75 north to Chattanooga, I24 to Nashville, I40 west to Santa Fe NM, north to Taos and then HW550 north to Ouray.
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Kong/I-Kang Davis/Cami
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Best Western
Year/Model/Color: 81/Wag/Burgundy-Rust
CB Handle/Cell#/email: none
Travel Plans: Meet folks in Green River, UT
Convoy Members: Nelson Davis and whoever is there in Green River.

Nick/Name/Passengers: LRRH/mike + Spudz/tony + Nicole
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/?/?
Year/Model/Color: 70/Kaiser Wag/Dr. Pepper
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "have to make one up soon"/847.652.4214/
Travel Plans: cruising from Chicago
Convoy Members: TBA!!!

Nick/Name/Passengers: Michael/Michael Hayes/Jodie/son
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/51/14-18
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Michael/817-915-5449
Year/Model/Color: 87/GW/?
Travel Plans: I will be leaving August 13th at 6am or so. Departing: 6am Fort Worth Texas 8-9am Wichita Falls 12-1pm Amarillo, through Santa Fe (spend the night in Santa Fe), off to Ouray on the morning of the 14th.
Convoy Members: Don S, Derf, Coletrickle, Oracle , JustinFun, Rob, our world traveler from Holland, JeepGuzzi (not confirmed), 2j20s (not confirmed)

Nick/Name/Passengers: Mike Hani/Mike Hani/Trish(wife)/2 kids
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/44/15-18
Year/Model/Color: 78/Wagoneer/White
CB Handle/Cell#/email: ? /707.480.7269
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Millerluck/Larry Miller/Sue(wife)Jess(15)Lauren(12)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/cabin ?/15-18
Year/Model/Color: 88/GW/Black
CB Handle/Cell#/email: “Millerluck”
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Oracle /Bruce/Jusin Fun /Trudy
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/52or 53/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 86/GW/some version of red
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Oracle
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: porkchop/Bryant Franklin/Nikol/Kelvin(8)Markus(5)Issak(18 months
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/47A/13-18
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "porkchop"/928-210-5630/
Travel Plans: I will be heading up from southwest Arizona. Leaving at about 0500 or 0600 on the 14th. Passing through Flagstaff and the four corners. Should be pulling into Ouray around 1900 (7 PM) on the 14th.
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Ralph/"Tycoon Montana Waits for You," aka Montana (my Newfoundland dog)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Huh? What?
Year/Model/Color: 1984 J10, Glacier Ice Blue Metallic Clear coat over Olympic White
CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans: Travel Plans: I70 west, stay with family O'Fallon, MO (W of St. Louis), then stop in Kansas City to show the DSPO what he could've made this truck look like, continue on to Denver and turn left somewhere after I go through the Eisenhower tunnel.
Convoy Members: Every FSJ I see on the road!

Nick/Name/Passengers: RdHawg/Brian Bentley
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/45/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 69/Wag/Emerald
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "Roadkill"/None/
Travel Plans: Leaving Antioch (Concord), CA 7:30 am 10 Aug joining Mike & Trish Hani then on to Elko, Nev. on day 1.To Moab, Utah 11&12 Aug. Leave Moab 0 dark 30 13 Aug to Ouray. Return trip not set yet. Convoy Members: Mike & Trish Hani

Nick/Name/Passengers: Ridgebak /Ric Smith
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/?/14-17
Year/Model/Color: 86/ GW/Burgundy
CB Handle/Cell#/email: KBD-2273/Ridgeback/520.471.1585
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: River Beast/Todd Grisko Kim(wife)/Anthony/Timothy(10,twins)/Daniel(8)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/47B/13-18
Year/Model/Color: 78/Wagoneer/White/Black/yellow
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "River Beast"/760.899.1046
Travel Plans: Leaving 29 Palms, CA @ 0500 on 12 Aug 2002...back road thru Amboy, Ca to the I40 EAST... thru Flagstaff, Arizona...89 north to 160 east through 4 corners.. Stopping for the night near there... continuing on the Ouray by 12 noon on the 13th... (I like this route better than the I40 straight across) Convoy Members: So far... just me and my family...

Nick/Name/Passengers: Rob
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/40B/14-18
Year/Model/Color: Jeep less
CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans: flying from Holland to Dallas, meet Roy(derf) and Michael. Drive with Roy in the Texas convoy to Ouray.
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: RottenDog/Rick Montera /Sara
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: Victory Inn/??/14-17
Year/Model/Color: 77/J10/Faded Black w/Gold Honcho
CB Handle/Cell#/email: None
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: RustyJeep/Ben Mitchell/maybe bro Mike
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: not yet/hopefully KOA/14-17
Year/Model/Color: 73/J40/blue or Yellow, 81/Chero WT/Red & Black (bros)
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Rusty/RJ
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: scoutgrl/Dennis Groot/Family
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/30/14-18
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "Lowrider"/503-880-4585
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: Super Chief/Rob Gardner/Logan(12)/Kimberly(7)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/?/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 79/Cherokee/Black&Silver
CB Handle/Cell#/email: Super Chief/562-522-0217/
Travel Plans: LA, Las Vegas, Moab, Ouray, Moab, Las Vegas, LA in that order
Convoy Members:

Nick/Name/Passengers: trickc/Curtis/Karen/Travis(3)
Reservation/Room/Lot/Dates: KOA/30-39?/14-18
Year/Model/Color: 78/choptop/green
CB Handle/Cell#/email: "trick"/ 770-598-0651
Travel Plans: trick: travel plans-will probably convoy part of the way with some of ya'll. 9th-depart atl stay over Birmingham area, 10-stay over hot springs village with parents, 11-stayover ok/TX border area maybe elk city ok?? 12-stayover Los Lunas NM, 13-Los Lunas (visiting friends), 14-17 ouray, 18-depart Ouray, kinda wing it from here, gotta be back on Fri. 23rd. Hope to hook up with the Santa Fe convoy on the 14th for sure.
Convoy Members:

CB Handle/Cell#/email:
Travel Plans:
Convoy Members:

You are all doing a great job thus far. This is going really well and I don't mind at all keeping it up to date. Don't hesitate to keep me in line on the correct info. I'll admit it, I'm human....LOL.

What to do after Ouray??? After Ouray

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Old 08-09-2002, 03:18 PM
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Bump with all the updates. Thanks
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Old 08-09-2002, 05:19 PM
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THANK YOU BOB I just made my print out see you there.

[ August 09, 2002, 11:19 PM: Message edited by: RdHawg ]
One of these days maybee it\'ll stay fixed long enough to go somewhere?
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