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Old 10-15-2001, 05:35 PM
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Installed Rusty,s lift over the weekend (what an adventure),Ill try to give some info,and tips...I ordered the 4-inch 4-spring kit,it comes with... shocks,shock bushings,u-bolts,Rear springs(5 thin leavs + 1 overload), Front(4 thick leavs)+Instructions...Cost $499+shiping....For me shiping was A whoping $122. shiping weight 227lb.
Start by soaking all bolts once or twice a day for a week with something like pb blaster.
Get yourself the longest 1/2in breaker bar you can find,and 13/16 and 7/8 deep sockets,and the same 12in wrenches and asorted pry bars...If the rear-rear spring shackle bolts, dont come out (and they wont) ... you can back the nut almost to the end of the bolt and spray blaster on it,use a pry bar pry on the nut end untill the nut is agenst the frame, the bolt should sticking out about an 1 1/2. Spray blaster on the bolt end,then tighten the nut till it puls the bolt back inside the bushing....Let it sit a minute..back the nut off use your pry bar,pry the bolt out again grab with vise grips & twist out...the rest of the bolts are easer to get to..
TO INSTALL FRONT&REAR SPRINGS YOU NEED A GRINDER I used a C clamp to measure the with of bushing on the front of the rear springs...grind the new springs untill C clamp slips over bushing with little drag.
Remove the nut holding the metal brake line on top ove the axle(so it can flex as you adjust axle)replace when finished.
I found that using a sisors jack to positition axle works great [img]smile.gif[/img]

Front springs
The front springs come off prety smothe
To install you have to GRIND THE PIN ON THE SPRINGS THAT LINES UP THE AXEL ON the drivers side grind about 1/2 of it off,and shape the top so it looks like the top of a bullet.
On the pass side... when you grind make shure you have the plate that mounts the steering stabilizer on the spring...also shape like a bullet.
Also have the spring mounted at the rear...have the axel suported at one side.And the side your working on use the sisors jack to lift axel....Use shackel bolt to hold the front of spring in place..
With the spring in the frame mount it shuould go like this.....
2.lift font of spring slide in bolt
3.lower axel (check allignment)
4.raise axel
5.slide bolt out of front spring lower
6.grind some more...a little at a time till axel fits flush to the spring.

also use a small screwdriver to clean out the rust in the hols that pins go in to

Sorry about the bad spelling and the bad grammer. [img]redface.gif[/img]

If you post a question ill try to answer it [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

[ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: Sitting Bull ]
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Old 10-26-2001, 02:45 PM
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I just had a Rusty's system installed on the Camo Cow. PIA. Basically the kit was OK I guess but rear springs were for a '79 and had larger bushings. No big deal. It worked butnot until we had to replace the busings with the correct width. Correct bushing was 2" OD by 2 15/16 width. The ones that came with it were 2" OD and 3 1/4" width. Rusty apoligized and said the correct bushings woudl be overnighted to me. WRONG! What he did was tell the spring manufacturer to do it and it fell through the cracks. I went to Glendale Spring and purchased the correct oones and the install procedded but it held us up over 5 days. Took advantage of the time and installed a Detroit Locker in the rear. I also purchased the stainless steel/teflon brake lines but the came with the wrong fittings so we carried on without and they are going back to Rusty for a refund. Overall, not too bad but still it shouldn't have had to happen.
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