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Old 05-08-2022, 05:27 PM
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Woodgrain question

If the woodgrain is faded on an 88 Wagoneer how do you tell which one it was? I have looked on BJ's and it looks like there was a cherry oak and a marine teak. Was there certain years for the different kinds or were they just different options you could get. How can I figure out which one it has? Thanks
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Old 05-09-2022, 10:53 AM
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In the day, you could have bought the factory wood-grain vinyl across the dealership parts counters. The factory parts book would tell the parts counter people which factory part number to order.

If you want to look up the factory information, there are copies of the factory parts books on the Tom Collins site that may help you. Suspect knowing the part numbers wont help, and you may need some time to find the overlay in the books.

Today, nothing like the parts counter source exists anymore. I believe your only option is to look at what aftermarket wood overlays are available and pick the one you like or which subjectively matches best.

This has been discussed many times here and at FSJnetwork. Suggest you search and read old posts. inyl

Note the factory calls this "woodgrain overlay" but maybe not called that in modern parlance everywhere.
Tim Reese
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Old 05-09-2022, 08:30 PM
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Not sure how much it helps, but the '88 had the "Marine Teak" woodgrain on it, and based on how it's labeled from Wagonmaster and Team Grand Wagoneer (maybe others too), the '87-'91s had Marine Teak before that it was Cherry Oak. I suspect that the rare '70s Wagoneers that had the full woodgrain had a different style that's impossible to get now, and the Cherry Oak is what you got on the early '80s ones...just a hunch though. And it's not relevant for an '88 anyway...
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Old 05-13-2022, 08:46 PM
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Thanks for the info guys!
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Old 05-18-2022, 10:25 AM
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my two cents worth,....

altho the reproduction TGW and others are "ok"
they are digitally printed copies of original 3M Di Noc material

I can tell in one second at a glance if it is the digital copy

depending on how picky you are
I would use todays 3M MARINE TEAK DI-NOC VINYL

available on eBay, don't use anything other than 3M or you will regret it.

altho the 3M will not be cut to shape, it will hide body imperfections since it has. a matte or satin finish, and it will outlast the repro stuff by decades if your wagoneer is exposed to the weather.
SOLSAKS - dave
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