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Old 08-14-2005, 12:43 PM
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Zeek writes:"I live in New Brunswick Canada i work in a sawmill been there 19 years too long eh ,i like fsjs apparently I'm on my second 1 good enough 4 a second vehicle actually i have a lot of fun with it,my kids like the 86 better for it has power windows and sun roof.The 76 had a plow that i used to do my driveway with which I'm going to miss i don't think ill put plow on 86 too hard on tranny etc.Of coarse thats only my own opinion.76 has a 360 v8 2brl automatic ,motor was completely rebuilt last summer so I'm saving it for my 86.The tranny went in 76 so to get it redone was around 500 bucks,so i found out about 86 and bought it for 500 bucks and junked 76.----- which I'm going to miss as i said plow and box on back to carrie more than a closed in wagoneer Buttttt!!!!!!!! the 86 i can take all the kids wife etc,which i like better so good points too both i guess.So when i get pics of 86 ill send them along,i enjoy mail list and web site a lot KEEP ON FULL SIZE JEEPIN--------BYE---------ZEEK"

New Brunswick, Canada
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