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Old 04-16-2004, 08:50 AM
AM Woody AM Woody is offline
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Sorry for the spam, but it is a Jeep and a Torqueflite, so maybe not a total waste. I haven't had much luck with the YJ Wrangler crowd for tech support. Seems all they know and/or talk about is lift kits and chrome accesories. This group always has great tech advice so I thought I'd post here.

I'm looking for some intelligent troubleshooting advice on my "new" '94 Wrangler 2.5L with 904 trans (at least according to one site it's a 904, numbers off the pan rail are: 4 PK5211.)

The main problem is the 2-3 upshift. The behavior is erratic, no consistent patterns in terms of temp, speed, or throttle input. It will sometimes not shift out of second at all. If it does it will slip for short or rather lengthy periods of time. If it slips briefly it seems like runaway. If it slips for a few seconds, I don't know if that's considered runaway in the traditional sense of the word; it sometimes sticks there and doesn't upshift at all, back off the throttle and it goes back to second.

It has 82K miles, the fluid is full and normal looking/smelling. The PO is a friend and didn't mention the problem. He let it sit for 6 or 8 months with a fuel injection problem I have resolved. I've only driven it 40 miles total so far. Trans acts fine otherwise, except for occasional delayed engagement going into reverse, either hot or cold.

So, what is controlling the 2-3 upshift? What can I check? I'm not scared of getting it rebuilt, but if it comes to that is there anything
in particular I should be looking at?

Thanks for any advice,
- Andy M.

89 Grand Wagoneer: White/Cordovan. Factory tow package. Gradually undoing PO's mods - it seemed like a nice build at the time.

Status: Operational
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