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Old 08-07-2008, 12:29 AM
intenseimages intenseimages is offline
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carburetor swap and emmissions question

have a few questions here.

1980 jeep j10, 360, 2bbl motorcraft 2150 carb, tf727 tranny, np219 t-case.

first question, is a motorcraft 2100 a direct swap on to this engine? just wondering as i am in the process of rebuilding the 2150 but already have a whole bucket full of older 2100 carbs i have rebuilt for when i had my old ferd ranger. carbs are a mix of sizes. some from a ferd 2.8 v-6 and a few of them off of a ferd FE 360 and 390.

i know the carbs are good and reliable and require very little in the way of tuning and maintenance and work awesome off road.

figure if it was a bolt on swap then i might consider that.

next question. on this truck there is about a million miles of different vacuum lines and hoses in various states of decomposition from setting in a field for 10+ years.

there is no smog pump on this engine and it looks like at one time some previous owner has welded shut the AIR injection ports on the exhaust mannys.

is there any reason i couldnt just do a complete vacuum hose system delete on this engine and run the very basics?

mainly a vacuum advance line to carb, a PCV valve to carb, and brake booster line to manifold vacuum? would also look at a block off plate for EGR as well.

no emmissions requirements to worry about i nmy area and even if there were the truck is past the age limit that would need checked.

i also figure if i eventually swap out to the 4 barrel edelbrock carb i have that this will save a bunch of line deleting and port blocking later as most aftermarket mannys dont come with a bunch of these ports.

so if you all can give me an idea of whether this is a good idea or not, any problems i may run into, or any other lines that are an absolute requirement to have engine run right, it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

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