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Old 07-02-2000, 06:19 PM
justincace justincace is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jul 02, 2000
Location: pismo beach ca. usa
Posts: 7

need help i have a 81 wagener with a amc 360
want to no if i can put a amc 258 6 in it
is it a bolt in projict or will i need a adapter for it need help i love my baby but
the 360 real tired getting about 8 mpg
and i can get the 258 for 150$ with less then 1000 miles on it i no my frend bult it
i dont have to worry about smog (:
thanks for the help
rod mcgillis
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Old 07-03-2000, 03:28 AM
scotty's Avatar
scotty scotty is offline
Join Date: Jun 12, 2000
Location: dayton,oh,45431
Posts: 6,627

basically,youll need the frame mounts from a six-equipped jeep.the v8 radiators are larger,but the outlets are on the correct sides,and ive never heard anyone complain about their radiator being too your six coming from a wagoneer? if not youll need the throttle linkage and throttle pressure linkage from a six equipped jeep(since you have an 81 it has a 727,yes?or is it a manual?) and also the engine brackets and rubber motor mounts from a six equipped full size.the cj engine and frame mounts are differernt.they use the same rubber mount,but the brackets are differernt. youll need to do little stuff like reroute some wiring and hoses,but yes,to answer your original question,the 258 shares the same bellhousing as the v8s. i think some of the v8s even use the same flywheel as the 258.

i dont know that fuel economy is a good reason to swap in a six,nor is weigth savings(i think amc v8 weighs around 50 lbs more than six).a good reason is that it is a tough,durable engine. but im not sure how much less fuel youll takes some foot in the throttle to get a big jeep moving with a six.and being abount as aerodynamic as barns, youll use alot of gas going 80 mph no matter what engine you have.mine uses alot of gas(not sure ho much,speedo has never worked,and it would be off anyway),but mine turns 38 inch tires with 3.31 gears. i use every bit as much gas as my friend with a 360,if not alittle all fairness,my engine is tired,and im sure fuel economy would be much better if the tires didnt put it so below its optimal rpm powerband.

hope this helps.

85 grand wagoneer
258/904/twin stick dana 300/dana 44/amc 20
38x15.5 gumbo mudders
snorkel/dual batteries/onboard air/"custom" convertable
3 inch body lift/mostly stock suspension/"modified" fender openings
custom front/rear bumpers and brushgaurd
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Old 07-03-2000, 03:15 PM
justincace justincace is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jul 02, 2000
Location: pismo beach ca. usa
Posts: 7

sorry im a idoit its a 360 ato dont no if its a 227 ill have to look the 258 out of a 78 amc hornet auto 3 speed if that helps
mabe ill just rebuld it and get a rice burner for work
thanks alot for all the help mabe ill stick the 258 in till i can do the 360 up right
found this sitelast night this place is cool and u guys have helped aot just with the past posts lo oil presher ****ty mpg
and outher stuff like that
all i can say is thanks and ill be around
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