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Old 05-06-2013, 12:15 AM
kesamrn kesamrn is offline
Join Date: Sep 24, 2012
Location: fairbanks ak
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AMC 360 J4600 build asking for a look over

here is my plan please take a few minutes to look over and see if there is something different I should do
Engine AMC 360 bored .30 over (done) HeadsAMC 3196291 this is the 50.60 cc ones (done complete valve job)
Pistons sealed power 362np
Rings perfect circle 50785
Rod bearings clevite cb960p
Crank bearings clevite ms1041-p
Timing chain set Car Quest 73008
Reusing cam gear and dizzy gear
Oil pump rebuild kit Melling K-85
Gasket set either felpro or victor reinz I have both
Camshaft Edelbrock cam 2132 278int/288 exh advertised
Intake manifold edelbrock 2131 non egr
Carb edelbrock 1405 600cfm will use manual choke
Poly tank mounted at the rear between the frame rails
Fuel pump Holley electric pump 12-801-1 7 psi (will I need areturn line)
Hooker comp headers9402
Transmission is a T15A
Transfer case is a spicer 20
Front axle is Dana 44 with 4.09
Rear axle is Dana 60-2 with 4.10
Wheels are 9.00x16 LT
Anyone have suggestion for me. This is going to be a working truck. Wife has horse and I need to haul hay andbuilding supplies. Truck has been convertedto flat bed.
Flight Nurse
2002 TJ
1970 J-4600
Owner of a Tibetian Mastiff

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Old 05-06-2013, 01:19 AM
joe joe is offline
Join Date: Apr 28, 2000
Location: PNWet, USA
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The ser# section(last 6 digits of VIN) shows it came with a 350 motor. The 350 equipped numbers ran from 300,001-399,999. If it came with the 360 the ser# would be in the 600,001-699,999 range. And the 7th digit of the VIN(9) says it came with a 350.
Also if the build date on the door jamb sticker says it came down the assembly line in Feb 70 I seriously doubt it came with a 360 that wouldn't even be built till May let alone installed in anything.
My money is on your 360 isn't original and has been swapped in after it was sold.
"Don't mind me. I'm just here for the alibi"

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Old 05-07-2013, 10:17 PM
kesamrn kesamrn is offline
Join Date: Sep 24, 2012
Location: fairbanks ak
Posts: 9
anyone got any input
Flight Nurse
2002 TJ
1970 J-4600
Owner of a Tibetian Mastiff
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Old 05-08-2013, 05:57 PM
FSJunkie's Avatar
FSJunkie FSJunkie is offline
The Nigel Tufnel of the FSJ world.
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Opinions are like bungholes, everyone has one. Here's mine.

Good camshaft choice. It's slightly more than stock of 263.5 Adv. Duration and .266 lift and should take good advantage of the lovely AMC cylinder heads by opening op flow at higher RPM without distorting the profile of the power curve too much. I'd be interested in seeing the overlap of this cam, because that's the biggest factor in the low RPM torque and idle of the engine. Stock overlap was 41*.

Intake is matched to the cam, so they'll speak the same language together.

The eddie carb will be easy to tune. Holleys are a little more involved to set up right. Neither is the best choice for a tow/haul truck. For that, I'd go with the new Street Demon 625. Tiny primaries for torque when bogged down, massive secondaries for climbing hills in low gear. Unlike alot of Demon's stuff, it's made for daily drivers, not bracket racers and is specifically designed to be a nice, well-mannered carb that is a sinch to tune and work on.

Don't really need the headers, they won't help you untill 4-grand RPM and can actually hurt you at low RPM. Plus, I personally hate the ticking noise they make. Factory non-AIR free-flow manifolds with a little porting flow almost like headers without the negative effects.

I'd focus more on durability than anything else. The core block will be working hard, so HD timing set. Double rollers tend to stretch early. Upgrade the lubrication system: Nickel plated timing cover, steel midplate, relief-cut gears, lifter valley and back of block oil lines (might not be needed, but they don't hurt), and sweeten up the main oil galleries. The smoother it runs, the longer it lasts, so get the whole rotating assembly balanced well. Should be nearly bulletproof.

Keep the factory valve covers or pay attention to the shape of any aftermarkets. The engineers shaped the original valve covers specifically to promote rocker arm lubrication.

Sounds like a nice motor already, so you can't really go wrong the way you have it listed. I just basically listed my dream 360.
'72 Jeep Wagoneer Custom, 360 V8

I love how arguements end as soon as Ristow comments. Ristow is right...again.
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Old 05-08-2013, 06:01 PM
Jeepguy77's Avatar
Jeepguy77 Jeepguy77 is offline
350 Buick
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Location: Corvallis, OR
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Headers do help all the way through, but they have to be long tubes don't use shortys. The whole combo should make a great setup, I personally am a fan of holleys but the edelbrock will be fine. How are you doing the rest of the exhaust? With those heads being 291c I would go with a little larger cam since you have the compression. something like a comp extreme energy or high energy cam. Just find something that's within the intakes rpm range IMHO edelbrock is kinda optimistic with there cam rpm ranges.
77 J10 454, TH400, D20,

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Old 05-08-2013, 06:55 PM
Ristow Ristow is offline
Join Date: Jan 20, 2006
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Originally Posted by FSJunkie
Opinions are like bungholes, everyone has one.

well...some of us can speak with actual experience.

keep the headers. they make power across the board. 2.5" dual exhaust.

i've looked at double roller timing chains out of motors after 30+ thousand miles with no stretch.

if i were to buy a new carb it'd be a Quick Fuel.

there are many cams that'll work well. i've run the performer grind listed above many times,360's and 401's. my cherokee is a 9.5cr 401 with that cam and 1.7 roller tip rockers. runs very nice. i'd keep the performer cam in the above list.

you just can't beat that price. a stud swap on the 291c heads,slight elongation of the pushrod slots,and done.

i'd pony up the extra 75.00 for an offy equa flow intake,if i were already paying for a new intake.
Originally Posted by Hankrod
Ristows right.................again,

Originally Posted by Fasts79Chief
... like the little 'you know what's' that you are.

Originally Posted by Fasts79Chief
I LOVE how Ristow has stolen my comment about him ... "Quoted" it ... and made himself famous for being an ***hole to people. Hahahahahahahahahha!

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Old 05-08-2013, 07:19 PM
SC/397's Avatar
SC/397 SC/397 is offline
Join Date: Feb 01, 2010
Location: Michigan
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With 91C heads and lower compression pistons you should end up with about 9.4:1 compression ratio. Optimize the rest of the engine around that. If you are looking for low end torque, go with the Performer stuff. If you want more mid-range and top end, up the cam shaft, intake and carb.
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