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Old 10-15-2013, 05:54 AM
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What's Your Scariest FSJ Experience?

I'd love to hear some of your "good scare" stories as related to our FSJs. I'll open it up with mine.

About the time I got my J20 right about where I wanted it for mild trail riding and rock crawling, I discovered an issue that about ended my hobby. I had a nicely warmed over 360, fresh 4" lift, 33"s, and lockers front and rear and I was ready to take on any obstacle (within reason).

So, one day at Hollister Hills I was crawling through a pretty nice rock garden, taking my time and picking my line when I got hung up on an axle. So, I put it in reverse and tapped on the gas to climb back up onto the rocks I had just slid down off of into my predicament. When I did that, the throttle stuck and I immediately tapped it again to "unstick" it. That just made it stick at an even higher RPM. My worn out brakes didn't help me any as the truck took a beeline in reverse bouncing back out of the rocks I had just so skillfully crawled over. I undid 5 good minutes of crawling in about 10 seconds with me standing on the brakes and freaking out as BigRed bounced and slammed and hauled butt back over the rocks and out of the rock garden in reverse at 3,500 RPM. Just before I went backwards over a nice cliff, I managed to pull the transmission forcefully out of gear with a loud clunk and stop the beast. It immediately idled down. I did some testing on flat ground and found that if I eased it around in reverse this wouldn't happen, but if I blipped the throttle pretty good, it would do the same thing. I was stumped initally, but it turns out the motor and transmission mounts were so shot that the torque in reverse would tweak the motor over in such a way as to pull on the throttle cable and hold it there until I got it out of gear. When I pulled the motor mounts, they just fell apart into two pieces in my hands. Replaced those and no more Christine truck.

Now let's hear your scary FSJ stories!

"Good engineering is simply finding the right wrench to pound in the correct screw." -Adam Welchel

1985 J20 "BigRed" 360/727/208/44/60 Edelbrock Performer Intake, Carb, Cam, MSD 6
1974 J10 "Ugly Monster" VERY SADLY SOLD!
1969 Javelin SST "Yet Unnamed" 290/BW M40 (360 build in the works with a built TH350)
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