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Originally Posted by Jeepstress
Kenny, hon..... seems to me you got to make it across the colorado state line before you can get a "co-pilot".

Ummm...I've made it across the line a few times. I just like to have a different co-pilot for different area codes, city limits, zip codes, etc.
I can keep them straight that way.

On a serious note, I prefer the way we had it in '02. I don't like the rain and I hate sitting on top of the mountain with lightning all around. Those monsson rains in '04 totally sucked! How long did we have to wait that year for the rains to end and get back on the trail?

How about a poll to see how many families are "all in" this early in the game. That will give us some understanding on "why" where starting so early....Again, didn't I mention the rain sucks on top of the mountain?
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