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Originally Posted by rang-a-stang
What I do after I take my pictures, I save them to my desktop, open them in paint and resize, re-save them, then upload them. I use an Iphone SE and re-size them to 20% of original and that comes out pretty well.

The only way I know to fix the old pics is to repost them. So once you have them uploaded into whatever service you use (google, photobucket, flickr, whatever) get you link, go edit your post, and put the new link in where the old link was. There may be easier ways but that is the only way I know how.

The issue Im running in to now is editing the old post doesn't retain most of the info. It's like its hitting some sort of limit without telling me. I have backups of all my posts with the links, but when I paste it in, it only saves about a paragraph and thats it. I reached out to the site admin to see whats going on.
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