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Thanks so much for the info guys - MUCH appreciated !

OK - getting lined up to acquire a good set of flairs off a rusted bed. Excited!

Now, I made contact with not 1, but 2 retired AMC Jeep engineers .. [ I know them anyway ] and they BOTH confirmed and think the flair for the trucks was indeed used for the wide track bodies. they both worked in Jeep engineering btw....

The minor discrepancy is one guy said it was the same, the other said there was a secondary trim to remove some material.

Either way, I will be using these parts as "patch" pcs to fix my lower flairs. I will leave it up to the body shop, but I think only the lower 15" or so of these need to be sectioned into the repair area. The rest of the body is fine ... mostly. LOL

This will be so much easier than having the complex curves and shapes fabricated from scratch ..

I WISH somebody would tool metal lower wide track repair parts !

Will be some time until I get the parts and update this info ...
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