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The windshield was installed today by a couple of pros. Took them about 45 minutes. Best $120 (plus tip) I've spent so far on this refurbish project. The windshield glass was $95, the very high quality seal from Team GW was about a hundred delivered. One thing I learned from the installation guys was that modern urethane sealant should not be used with old style rubber seals...use the old type goop. They put a bead on the cab flange, (added a little extra at the corners at my request), pushed the seal onto the flange. Then they slid the top right corner of the glass into the seal, then worked the rubber over the glass along the top edge with a special tool until they got the top left corner into the seal. With the top edge and corners in position, the sides and bottom fairly fell into place with only minor help from a special tool. Then they muscled it around a little to get it seated just right and used another tool to force the locking flap (no separate locking strip) into place. Once it was locked into position they inserted the tip of what looked like an old trigger actuated oil can under the outer flap of the and squeezed a second bead of adhesive between the glass and the seal. Perfect clean up, moved the rear view mirror lug to the new glass, moved my registration sticker, put the old glass on their truck, I paid the bill, and they were on their way. Fast and efficient. That said, I had the old glass removed, the flange was clean as a whistle, and the sheet metal around the perimeter of the seal was masked with tape.

Earlier this morning I bolted the dash back in place (I had partially removed it for painting), then repainted the front radiator support sheet metal (that I painted yesterday) for a better match to the sheen on the powder coated inner fenders. Late this afternoon I sprayed guide coat paint on the doors and block sanded. The little dings that I had missed prior to epoxy and primer are easy to spot and an easy fix. Waiting on another quart of primer from Eastwood... By the way, this job will have taken two gallons of epoxy, six quarts of urethane primer, two quarts of chassis black, and about six quarts of black satin urethane top coat. The bed took three quarts of Raptor.

Tomorrow I'll replace the power steering gear, and install the heater module, which has been out of the car for about twenty years! (The air conditioning will be installed later). The steering and heater are best done before installing the inner fenders. And then I can start bolting on the painted forward sheet metal.

Photos with glass....boring, but a big step that required outside help to show up to keep me on schedule.

DSCN1519 by Rufus, on Flickr
DSCN1520 by Rufus, on Flickr
J10 - Body channel (3 inch drop @ front); dechromed; shaved side parking lights, antenna, and hood trim bar. Ford mirrors, roll pans, side exhaust, 16 inch wheels, custom dash, new interior, Edelbrocked 360, HEI, T18/208 (J20), rear disk brakes, goose neck and bumper hitches.

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