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Originally Posted by Kaiserjeeps
Heh heh.... I was wondering if any body would notice that.

Bill called..... He has 65 miles on Sadie now. He is beaming. His kids love it, the wife loves it, everybody is getting rides as everything gets broken in. The neighbor Diana (badarse Buick Riviera) is already planning the first car show.

5 degrees here this morning. 9 degrees right now at 12:30 AM brrrrr.
It made me smile as well...Holy Moly!

I am sure that the smiles and great times will continue for decades to come, Sadie is gorgeous!

5 degrees? That's brisk! I miss the seasons and the cold. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning chill!

Thank you again for all the tips and information you filled this thread with.
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