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My headliner boards are shot. Tried soaking them in the pool and laying them out in the sun wrapped in a tarp to steam them back to shape but it didn’t work. Prolly wouldn’t trust the permanence of such a fix anyway. Being that I’m too cheap to buy one from SMS I’m looking for an alternate.

One problem with replacing them is the size; front board is 50” long x 54” wide and most materials come in 48” x 96” sheets:

Since the rear board is only 43” long a simple fix would be to move the center crossmember forward a few inches but that won’t work for me since it thought of it after doing this:

My solution:

Don’t drill through the roof

Pop riveted the straps in place. Used some windshield adhesive under them to help assure no squeaks and rattles. The lines are where I had to cut the foam for the flanges on the divider mounting channel

Had to notch the flange of the channel on one side to clear the straps

Channel in place


Prolly going to use Coroplast at $15 ea for the two sheets required. I was thinking of using it for the door panels too but it won’t hold staples so I’m not sure about attaching the material. Maybe adhesive will be enough?
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