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[quote]Originally posted by FSJman:
[b]I have an 84 Gran Wagoneer, with select trac. My flex plate ring gear is shot. I'v been told that the flex plate and torque converter are welded together. If so where can i find one?

ANS> You have been mis-informed as to your torque converter design. Although the automatic transmission in your Wagoneer is a Chrylser design, which usually use a torque converter with a starter ring gear welded onto it, your ring gear is part of the flexplate, which attaches to the AMC Torque Command torque converter by four (4) bolts. Therefore, you can change the AMC starter ring gear without changing the toque converter or welding.

As to which manual trani fits, call Advanced Adapters and ask. If you don't mind the Dana 20 t/c, you could swap in a manual T18/Dana 20 from a J-truck.

-Drew M.
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