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So very stoked to finally be able to post this. Finally got all my rims done and had my radials mounted on them. The tires are Nankang M889's in a 235/85R16. Next set I get, I might go with the American-made buckshot, which is a nearly identical tire, albeit with a thicker sidewall. I'd heard really good things about these and also really liked the tread pattern, definitely has more of an old-school look.

I could not find an acceptable set of front hubcaps for the Kaiser-era trucks. I had two with the holes cut out, but they were AMC era which meant that the hubcap itself was too small and the hole was too small to accommodate Warn Lock-O-Matic front hubs on this truck. Someone on the FB page recommended wheel spacers. I generally am opposed to spacers on daily drivers, but for a vehicle which is driven as infrequently (and small distances) as this, I think it's probably fine. These push the rim out just far enough that a normal dog dish can cover the locking hub in the front. I had two NOS hubcaps and two which were in pretty good shape, but needed to be repainted. For anybody interested in the colors I used, it was Model Master International Orange and Testors Metallic Gold. The gold is not quite an exact match, but it's pretty close and the orange is almost identical. At any rate, I put both of the NOS hubcaps on one side of the truck and both of the repainted ones on the other, so nobody will ever see both shades of gold at the same time. Problem solved.

The tires REALLY helped the look of the truck. The spacers also pushed the tires further out and gave it a little more "filled out" stance, which I am a fan of.

Here's the truck with the wheels/tires (and then hubcaps) first mounted. The truck is pretty dirty...

Then after the bath.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with how that came out. The truck also rides MUCH better under 50mph, which is where I do most of my driving. I still have a wobble that starts up around 55, and I can't feel it in the steering wheel, but in the shifter, which tells me it's probably either a driveshaft out of balance or the driveshaft u-joint angle that Al mentioned. I also know that installing the driveshaft was one of the FIRST things I did on this truck, so I might want to go back and double check my work, as my learning curve has been pretty steep...

Currently, the truck is sidelined with a fuel filler hose that's cracked. I had the style from BJ's that I believe typically went with the townside bed, it was the "S" shaped one, and I had cut it down to where I needed. With the bed on, I needed to revisit that anyway, so I got all my necessary pieces parts from I should be able to get that done this weekend and I had better! This truck needs to go pick up its first pumpkin...

I also have all of the pieces either in my possession or on the way to construct the bed skirts, bulkhead, which I'm reinforcing pretty heavily, in case I want to mount a spare tire to it (spoiler alert, I do) and the tailgate. After I get that all mocked up, I'll pull the wooden sides off one last time and rhino-line (it's actually the upol raptor liner kit) the bulkhead and floor of the bed and do one final installation. I have a pretty cool surprise in store for the tailgate. I think y'all will be pleased. More soon.
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