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Hey man, going fuel cell sounds good. It makes the underside of your truck so nice and open too. It's awesome to work on. The foam is good stuff, just don't let your cell go empty then it will start to break down, or so I've heard. As long as there is some gas in there it's all good. I went with a 32 gallon Jaz cell that I ordered through Jaz. It's the bling bling style with the red steel can, 45 degree filler neck with one way flapper valve, and I got an external filler kit as well which is cool. Here it is
It's the 3rd one down. I went with the 32 gallon because it is actually just a couple inches bigger than the 22 gallon one and I thought it would be cool to have the extra capacity.

The rest of the images can be seen here

As for mounting I used some big ass hose clamps and ratchet straps. Worked great [img]smile.gif[/img]
Buggy Buildup

Originally Posted by welchct
There are about 5 trails that actualy have section that are upwards of 85* and climb 40-50 feet at this deg.

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