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I swear, I'm still working on this...

So we're in the final 60 day countdown to the wedding. Life has been a little hectic. I think I may have mentioned it here, but the truck is our getaway vehicle, so somehow, miraculously, I've been given the green light to spend some serious time getting this ole guy prepped and ready.

About two months ago, I messaged a guy on fb about some old rims he had, he seemed standup enough at first, then after about 3 weeks went by and he still hadn't gotten them shipped, he stopped returning messages. It ended up taking another FSJ friend of mine who lives near him going and getting them and packing them on a pallet for fastenal... What a pain. And when the rims got to me, one of them had a cracked lugnut hole. One of my first questions to the seller was, "Can you sell me three of these?" and he was adamant that he couldn't break up the set. What a jerk.

Anyway, I digress. Elizabeth's dad found a sand blast cabinet in the free section of craigslist, but its light was completely dead. The ballast was dead. The switch was dead, the bulb was dead. So I looked around and saw that a lot of people were taking little flood light mounts and installing them in the cabinets, so that's what I did. plenty of room in there for the rim and I waste so much less sand now. I also got a chance to put my craigslist powdercoat oven to use. I'm a fan of powdercoating now.

Speaking of powdercoating, Toddthewelder was the one who originally turned me on to the idea of powdercoating the rims. Has anybody heard from him lately? I know he was pretty busy travelling around, but he seems like such a cool guy and he's been seriously helpful in the process of this project. Todd, if you're out there, hit me up.

Long story short, got the bugs worked out and got the first one done. Cannot wait to get all five done and get the tires mounted on this thing. It'll also help me identify if it's the tires that have been causing the vibration or if it's an unbalanced driveshaft. I'm predicting a much better ride. More soon.


After. Not perfect, but pretty dang close, and possibly too nice looking for the rest of the truck, lol...
'63 J200 Resto-mod in progress

If all goes well, we can toast to accidental successes.

I'm convinced I'm just too dumb to know that I can't restore this old truck...
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