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Ok... So this will be a long post. If you don't want to read it all press "page down" a couple of times.

In all fairness I would like the name of the trip to reflect the opinions of the INTERNATIONAL full size Jeep community represented on this site. I do not intend to violate the family values of this site (Krista... are you with me?) with the name "full size boobie" (which in all fairness is singular, not plural if I may point that out) IF it does in fact win out. I don't want this to be something that I choose by myself and impose on everyone that attends because I think it is amusing (which I honestly do think at this point). I think that it is only fair as I wouldn't want anyone else on here imposing on me in a similar manner.

I set the expiration of the poll for 90 days from the exact minute that I posted it so there is still plenty of time to hear everyones opinion. I felt that three months was appropriate since the MOAB trip is five months away! Since the poll feature is limited to 10 polling items and the ones used came from the Moab attendee thread, I would like to open it up to ideas beyond even those posted above. So here are the rules as I see them:
  1. ALL votes from IFSJA members with a JOIN date of December 2006 and beyond will NOT BE CONSIDERED A LEGITIMATE VOTE! NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Everyone with a JOIN date before DECEMBER 2006 gets one vote.
  3. If you want to vote for something that is not listed, vote "other" in the poll at the top and state in your EARLIEST post to this thread (edit you post if that is what is required) what you vote for. Please keep them within the rules outlined by your membership in this forum. If others like the name you propose... they will use them in their post.
  4. When the polling ends on February 28th, 2007 the votes will be tallied and the winning name is final. SIMPLE AS THAT.
Four rules... Funny thing is I thought there would be more when I started listing them. I feel this is the only way to perform this task democratically...

Think I am kidding? Here is the Moab attendees list as I have just edited it:

To all the nay-sayers... Steve, -joe and I am sure others... What life is worth living if you can't raise some eyebrows and stir the pot a little? Life is REALLY short... why not have some fun with it. I still love you guys even if you want to call it "Moab in a Full Size Jeep" or something like that.

To this end, I will say this, I am for the first time in my life considering putting a boobie grille on my beloved BRUTUS for the greater cause that is "MOAB Full Size Boobie Safari 2007." There I said it! First Flint comes out and admits that he loves rhino's but hates the publicity surrounding them and now I am pouring my GRILLE (instead of "real") feelings out to YOU... FSJ masses! HEAR ME NOW! No the rhino is not on sale! It will be put back on upon return from Moab.

On a sidenote, I posted this poll while I was at work, laughing as I left my "full time job" to go play pool on my pool league. A couple of beers and a few cut-shots later I return home to a couple of PM's and a decent "stir" of activity in both Moab threads... almost brings a tear to my eye! It took those couple of beers for me to notice that I miss-spelled "suggestions" when posting this poll and spelled it "suggustions!" DOH! It humors me that it took those beers to notice it... but the lack of beers to type it!

There I am done!

EDIT: If the mods will keep an eye on this thread and lock the thread down after the polling is done I would appreciate it.
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