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It's been a long week for me with little progress on the truck. I got the bed loose and ready to come off then decided to hook up the tank while keeping it in the bed. This required me to extend both the feed and return fuel lines by 5 feet. Not a big deal but it required a trip to the parts store. My wife wanted me to get some cash and run some other errands and since the ATM machine was right by my nearest O'reilly I decided to go there, pick up 10ft of high pressure fuel line then go do the errands.

So I go to Oreilly and they don't have any fuel line they say the one a couple miles down the road in the direction I'm heading does but it is $7 a foot. I'm not about to spend $70 to move a truck 50 feet so I head on down the road thinking about what to do next.

I then go to the ATM, get the money then, because I'm still thinking about what to do rather than what I'm doing, I drive off leaving my ATM card in the machine About a mile down the road I realize what I've done and scramble to get back before someone else finds it but it was too late there was already a line of cars at the machine

So I quickly call my wife and tell her to get on the phone to the back and get the card cancelled. They put her on hold for 5 full minutes before they got to her, the whole time we are both thinking about how much damage a person can do to our bank account in 5 minutes, especially given that the ATM machine was in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer and the jewelry department was at the nearest door to the ATM machine. Fortunately it looks like since there was nobody behind me at the ATM when I didn't take the card it sucked it back in and kept it so that turned out OK.

So then I head down the road and stop at Autozone to see what they have. Boy that was a pointless stop. The girl working had no clue what fuel injection line was or what any of their bulk lines were so she showed me what they had but nothing looked suitable so she then asked what it was for... I know...We've all been there So I told her they couldn't look it up that way because my setup is aftermarket. She pointed to one of the aisles and said "All our aftermarket stuff is there". At that point I just left.

I finished the errands and went home a little discouraged because this was my last vacation day for another 5 weeks and I had hoped to get the truck turned around and the bed removed before going back to work.

The next day I managed to find someone who helped me acquire two 5 foot long hydraulic lines with fittings capable of doing the job

So that evening as soon as I had a free moment I set to work hooking up the gas tank. I got the tank wired and hooked up the lines to it so I could run a little fuel though to flush out anything that might be in the new line. I then put the key in the ignition and turned it to send power to the fuel pump and nothing happened. The battery was so dead it wouldn't even light up the dash lights.

So I found my pathetic old Sears charger that is as old as the truck and hooked it up. This got enough power to flush the hoses, then check for leaks after hooking the lines to the truck but it took another 24hrs to get enough juice in the battery to actually start the truck. By then it was raining like hell.

I ran a piece of dryer duct from the exhaust out the side door and started it anyway so the new 150 amp alternator could actually get the battery fully charged.

Then something miraculous happened...It stopped raining! I quickly opened the door, cleared out anything in the way and quickly pulled the truck out, turned it around and backed it back in.

I didn't get much else done because I then needed to go to Harbor freight and the hardware store to buy ratchet straps and eye bolts. My week has been very busy so I never made it to either store until this morning when I made it to Harbor Freight for the straps. I now need to get to Lowe's for the eye bolts. When I do I will install eye bolts in the ceiling of the garage and more in the top rails of the truck where someone once had a camper bolted down and I will use the straps to lift the bed clear of the truck then do something about re-hooking up the fuel tank and drive the truck out of the garage without the bed.

I'm thinking I may make the truck capable of driving around without the bed so my wife can have the car when I go to work. She is kind of against that but I might do it anyway.

I'm also planning on buying a MIG welder soon so I can finish up what the body man didn't and can get started on the Mercedes floorboards but that might be a big mistake because I really want to french the tail lights on the truck about a half inch to an inch and if I have a welder I will be really tempted to do that which will take more time.
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