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My truck finally came home today but there are some issues.

Right now it looks like this

Overall I think he did a good job on the fabrication work. The lower aft corners are awesome! but the side sheetmetal was done just like the factory. Which of course leaves a place for stuff to build up and cause the rust that these trucks are plagued with.

Does anybody know some kind of seam sealer I can put in there that I can paint over?

Here are a few closeups.

Front right

which didn't have any visible rust but I guess he found some because the section a couple inches on each side of the seam has been replaced.

Aft Right

This was the seam that drove the entire body work, it was rotten for several inches at the seam.

Front Left

This one had rust showing that was needing cut out and replaced.

Then Aft Left

I don't think he did anything to this one other than clean it up but this is also the only one that got seam sealed, which is weird.

The bed floor didn't come out too bad all things considered.

but underneath is where I am not very happy. To begin with he indicated on the invoice that he was going to paint the bottom with "Alkyd Industrial Enamel for underside of truck bed" but it is bare metal, not even primed

Now I planned all along to take the bed off as soon as I got the truck home and undercoat the bottom, bedliner the inside and paint the outside before putting it back on so I didn't really regard it as all that big of an issue...until I began taking the bed off. That's when I discovered that he never took the bed off to work on it, he just worked on it in place. So the forward and mid cross braces are still dirty and the bolts are being a real pain to get off, especially given that he also didn't locate the access holes for the bed mounting bolts

I can access the front and aft bolts without needing to go through the bed floor but you can't get to the mid bolts without them. So I had to carefully measure then drill and cut the access holes so I could then get a breaker bar on them and snap them off so I can remove the bed.

When the truck was dropped off it was placed facing the garage. My plan was to quickly install the gas tank, turn it around, back it into the garage then remove the tank and then the bed but when I went to install the tank I discovered the brackets that the tank strap goes to are now missing. So now I couldn't install the tank, I couldn't turn the truck around and I have to figure out and install new tank brackets when I have no idea what they are supposed to look like or even exactly where they are supposed to go. On top of that today is supposed to be the only sunny day for at least a week. Tomorrow and the rest of the foreseeable future are predicted to be rainy and he sent the truck back with bare metal, which I wasn't expecting since he told me he would prime it, but he only primed the new metal, not the old stuff he had stripped the paint off of.

So the plan now became one of get the truck in the garage facing forward and get the bed ready to remove. So I steered the truck and my wife pushed it in using our Ford Escape. It's now safe and sound in the garage and I have most of the bolts out to remove the bed. I'm hoping I can use ratchet straps on eye bolts in the ceiling to raise the bed high enough to get the bed above the cab so I can then push the truck out underneath it but it's not looking like I will have enough room.

Once I do get the bed off I'm thinking about making a temporary bed out of a sheet of plywood with the tank strapped to the top side with ratchet straps so I can take my time working on the bed and still have something to drive so my wife and I can be back to a two car family again.
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