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I know jeeps always mark their spot. If they don't they are probably empty.
But this is something serious. I replaced the front seal when I installed the transmission. I must have bumped the spring off the lip or something. I have a new front seal and a front pump cover gasket on order to arrive tomorrow. I plan on removing and replacing it later this week. I hate doing stuff like this twice. It is leaking from the inspection cover under the torque converter.

So I mentioned waiting on cavity wax. I sprayed quite a bit of Eastwood internal frame paint in some of these spots. But I know sealing out oxygen is the ticket to long metal life. The instructions say to apply several passes after paint. So I did.
I used two full cans of it.

The cavity wax from 3M.

You need to use these. Three spray wands with really cool side spray nozzles that are ten times better than what comes on a can of internal frame paint. Really good material distribution. Better when you twist the can as you draw the wand out as you spray.

This was the area I was most concerned about. The rear wheel well edges.

It is white and messy. It creeps and runs where you can't reach.

The nozzle's fit into small bolt holes. Perfect!! Inside the tailgate door frame.

Inside the tailgate itself. I really soaked it then closed it so it got in the seam where it tends to rust first.

I put the 3 foot wand way up inside the door pillars. I also removed every floor plug and really soaked the hat channels.

I got it all. Front to back.

So I needed to make some black kick panel covers. I did not have a decent pattern so I ended up making one. After a couple new patterns with corrections, I made two out of the same black backer board I make the firewall pad sets out of. I soaked both over and over with wood hardener to make them water resistant and more durable. The slot is so I would not have to remove the vent cable.

Installed and done.

In went the carpet and interior panels. Same with the door sill plates. It is almost complete with seat belts, seats, and the replacement dash pad left to still get installed. I have been driving it around the shop to work on it here. Thats cool.

I had a small challenge. The front doors had screws in the bottom of the door panels to hold them on the door at the bottom. And I needed to accurately find the screw holes so I could punch through the new vinyl. I put a button head screw in the holes and installed the new door panels. Then carefully lifted the panels and put a very small dab of copper hi temp RTV on the screw heads to leave me an imprint of where to drill. It worked like a charm and the screw holes got drilled without hunting around and wrecking the new panel.

The back side of the new front door panel.

The 4 screws landed and tight.

From the back. Not perfect but it will sure do. A lot better than trying to restore used panels.

It is starting to look like an old wagoneer again.
The days are getting shorter. The sun is setting more south every night now.
Soon Sadie will be in Seattle getting rained on.
And I will be here at home eyeballing my wagoneer.

More soon.
Am I done yet?

Holy Moly, I am done.....

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