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I basically agree with Tony.

Originally Posted by 1986 GW Blk JCP
The starter would engage with the key in the on position (not pushed to start position).
.... the starter relay and still has constant power to Both front terminals on solenoid with ignition in second position (on).

This sure sounds like a short (cross wire) or miswiring..
It even could be in the relay.
Safe way to check. Bring aligator clips for your meter leads.
Disconnect the battery.
Disconnect the starter relay terminals.
Check for continuity between the power feed to the switch (labeled always hot) and the Start lead (bright green in the drawing).
Check when the key is in Off, Start, Run, Accessory.
Should only have continuity in Start. If you find otherwise, start disconnecting and narrowing it down.
If it works as it should, then check the solonoid. S to NSS should have continuity. I may have continuity with the big starter lug (sorry not 100% off the top of head whether its on the relayed power).

Quote: make things worse, i don't have easy access to the truck as its an island vehicle that requires me to bring parts and tools with me on my MC and its about an hour from an island
There's mechanic I think is on one of the islands that's done some work on SJ electrics. Goes by Al's428 on the racing fuel systems forum. Send me a PM or e-mail if you want me to find out more and get contact info.
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