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1986 GW starter solenoid, relay and key switch so far

Hello all,

I have a mostly stock 1986 GW with 360/auto. the other day the key was left on overnight and was dead in the morning. when jump starting it it wouldn't start (i wasn't there).

The starter would engage with the key in the on position (not pushed to start position).

I then replaced the starter solenoid, the ignition key switch and the starter relay and still has constant power to Both front terminals on solenoid with ignition in second position (on). The gauges come up when key is in on position and oddly, I have power to both (+) and (-) coil terminals which is why it wont start even when i jump power to the (S) terminal on the solenoid.

When i try and use the key to start it with all the wires on the solenoid on correctly the starter engages w key in start (it doesn't start) but the starter doesn't disengage by letting go of key OR turning key OFF, so i have to run around and shut starter of by removing battery cable.

I'm thinkin' maybe replace the ign. module and alternator in case there is any backfeed through the two of them. I guess i'll bring a starter too. make things worse, i don't have easy access to the truck as its an island vehicle that requires me to bring parts and tools with me on my MC and its about an hour from an island (limited supply) parts store so most parts have to come with me. any other ideas would be appreciated. thanks!
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