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The other day I got some headlight bezels from BJ's Offroad and they didn't have the shoulders for the screws so they are completely unusable So now I'm stuck waiting to hear from them before I know if they have something usable or if I have to go some other route. I'm actually considering some CJ bezels from Summit Racing or some early 50's Chevy bezels, either one looks like I can make them work but until I hear from BJ's the bezels are on hold. In the mean time I have been working on fabricating some cover plates for the lower razor grill mounts. Today I fabbed up some covers out of stainless steel for the brackets at the bottom of the header panel.

I started by making a paper template.

Once I got that how I thought it should be I cut and bent one out of aluminum.

After confirming the aluminum one fit I fabbed some out of some stainless steel I have.

One of the guys I work with is really good with a Tig welder so I got him to Tig weld them for me.

Then I ground and smoothed the welds to form corners and have begun polishing them.

Final fitment and polishing is going to take a while and I still haven't decided I want to keep the brackets they were made to cover but I'll finish them up, install them and see how I feel about it over time.

Here is what they look like at the moment

They need a bit more trimming, fitting and polishing but I kind of like them at the moment.
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