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Today I managed to get the extra headlights in and the bezels on Over my weekend I got the older style hood latch installed and the rhino grill back on. The small headlights aren't clocked quite perfectly but I can live with the little bit they are off.

Here are some pix

I ordered the bezels for the big headlights today, they should be in tomorrow. I also ordered some headlight wiring pigtails for the little ones because when I was at the junkyard the other week I forgot to get them off the '66 comet and they were about to send it to the crusher. It was actually less money to get them on Amazon than it would have cost in gas to go back to the junkyard. They should be in the day after tomorrow. I'm planning on making some covers for the brackets between turn signals and grill but I may just grind them off.

I'm very happy with my progress on the front end but getting kind of exasperated and bummed over trying to find someone to do the rust repair on the bed. I really don't see it as all that bad and don't think it would be all that difficult to do, I just don't have all that much time to work on it but I can't find anybody even willing to work on it, much less at a reasonable price. So i may just have to go ahead and buy an air compressor, welder and a few tools and see about tackling that myself even though I really don't want to. My wife said she is willing to learn to weld and take a stab at it, gotta love that. She spent a week in ICU and almost died on me 3 or 4 months ago and now she is all ready to get busy working on the truck. We just have so many other things to do. It might just be a long slow drawn out process to get this thing back to perfect.

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