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Originally Posted by Kaiserjeeps
Geez, you guys are gonna give me a big head. I am seriously new to this. I got some cool training at a extreme high end shop, but the work went away with the economy. I was bummed and would have worked for free if I could.
I figure it's only metal right? It can be moved.
Thank you.
Good attitude. I'd work for a metal masher for free to learn. I'm no mechanic by any means but due to the enviroment outside the house I grew up with the wrench in hand rather than a hammer. Looking back it's odd cause my old man was a tool-n-die maker by trade and one year the shop he worked for was contracted to build an Indy race car body. Old man made the model and hammer formed the entire body for a 60 something Indy car. Made me take notice of how much skill/eye is required to do nice work rather than just standard bang it, weld it, grind it, paint it, cash the check.
If you ever go commercial and can provide tent or bag space email me I'd give you some serious time mucking the shop, cleaning heads or whatever to learn from you.

Nice work sir!
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