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Originally Posted by FleetFox
any update on your project?

Many actually, but sadly none of them are Twister related. I had stopped work for the last couple of months in order to remodel the garage to a proper workshop. I used Google Sketch Up to model the cabinets I liked and everything else that needed to go in the garage. After settling on a layout I liked, I placed the cabinet order and began to clear out the garage so I could work on the floors, walls, and ceiling. We rented a POD and had it placed in the driveway, our timeline was less than a month because I did not want to pay for more than that. They charge $100 to drop it off, $180 for the month, and then another $100 to pick the empty back up. We had to work quick.


Current Garage:

The ceilings needed the most work; the drywall was literally falling down. We tossed around the idea of just ripping everything down and replacing it, but that would have been too costly and take up more time. We ended up deciding on running .5”x2” wood across the seams to lift the drywall back up. I sealed all the edges with caulking, textured the whole thing, and then painted it. What started as a cheap way to fix it, turned in to something fancy. Took me the better part of 3 days to put up the wood, seal it, texture it, and paint it.



This is the garage before we put everything back in. We re-epoxied the floors, and went with a lighter grey for the walls. The one “white” section on the right we left unpainted since there is tile directly on the other side. I need to put up a sheet of steel and a warning sticker so we never drill into it.

Cabinets going in:

However, before I could finish all of the details, “Jo” decides to misbehave one day on the way home from work. First, it started with some noise from the lifters, almost as if it was low on oil. Checked the dipstick, and it “looked” as if it was about a quart over. It was checked on level ground about 5 times. All came back with this level.

I took it easy for the rest of the way home. I pulled in to the driveway and took a peak under the truck. Still nothing leaking from the engine, however….

So maybe it was just the front differential making the noise since the axle was leaking from the passenger side of the tube. Diff oil was everywhere, all over the back of the tire, under the body, on the cross member, everywhere. At this point, I decided to just pull it in the garage and get a bunch of maintenance done.

I drained the oil, since it was due anyway. ONLY 2 QUARTS came out….so it was leaking oil. But from where??? I changed the filter and filled it back up. I started breaking down the front end for the seal change. This was straightforward and went really without issue. Next up, we did the engine mounts, again straightforward and really no issues there. Then we did the transmission mount… I wish I took a picture of it before I tossed it. The rubber was gone, completely gone. The transmission was not even connected to the cross member. I had to ratchet strap the transmission over to get the new mount to line up. Got it all bolted in and thought I was good. I fired it up and pushed the clutch pedal in and:

Ugghhhh. I am assuming since the transmission mount was non-existent that the pilot bearing wore unevenly and literally requires the transmission to be off center to remain quiet. That’s fine, I can live with the noise temporarily.

Come out the next morning and there is a small puddle of oil under the engine. Having degreased the hell out it during the maintenance, the back of the block was coated again. Figuring it was probably valve covers; I pulled it back into the garage for more maintenance. I began to remove the covers and notices the bolts were not even hand tight. They spun easily on removal. I guess that was the source of the leak. So I figured I might as well replace the gaskets since I was in there. I had to order them in, but it was same day with the local parts store. I put the new ones in with some RTV and torqued it down to spec starting from the center and working my way out. While I was in there, I took these guys out too since I broke them on removal. Since I could not find a bolt to fill the hole, I cut the spacer section out, welded up the hole, and bolted them back in.

Fired it up, and checked for leaks. After running for 5 mins, I called it good and closed up for the night. The next morning I was excited to have it back on the road. I fired it up, checked for leaks again, and left for work. About 3 mins down the road at a stop, I noticed smoke from under the hood. I pull off to investigate and notice the heater hose line was leaking from where I removed it from the heater box. Then looking around, I noticed the headers were smoking pretty bad. I got back in and rushed it home. Got on my motorcycle and took off for work. After work, I fire up the bike to leave, the exhaust starts afterfiring, and the intake is backfiring. Something is wrong. I try riding down the road; it is loud, like gunshots. I limp it home and park it in the garage.

OK, I have to get one of the 2 methods of transportation working again. I pull the truck back into the garage and get some proper light on the engine. The valve covers are leaking again, this time, it is oozing out of the bottom half on to the headers. I pull the covers back off….found the issue:

Both gaskets had squeezed in on tightening and allowed oil to pour out. I called up Auto Zone and they agreed to warranty the gaskets and ordered me up another set. They had them in that night by the time I got off work. This time, I used Indian Head gasket sealer and let it set up over night. No way they were moving now. I got them bolted back up and it appears I am leak free again. I then focused my attention on the bike, as I still needed transportation. Turns out cylinder 1 was not firing due to a clogged main jet. I cleaned it out and now it runs like a champ.

At this point, I am waiting for the new clutch to come in. I figured if I have the transmission down, I might as well replace everything while Im in there. It will also give me a chance to see if the rear main seal is leaking again. So that is where Im at right now. Hopefully once all this madness is over, I can get back to the transformation.
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