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Right now I am daily driving it to sort out what else is needed to make her mechanically sound. Went around to a few paint places and it looks like it is going to cost abound $3k if I do all the body work and priming, $5k if they do the bodywork and priming/painting.

So I may hold off on the color change, or maybe look into the rustoleum paint jobs I see some of the J-truck guys do.

I got the A/C working....well sorta. It blows cool during the morning hours, but in the heat of the afternoon it struggles. I may look into replacing the entire system with new components.

Clutch will need to be changed in the near future, but I will most likely be going to a TF727 and matching t-case if I can find one in good order.

I have parts now to do power locks and windows, so that will probably be next. I am also looking into a complete rewire of the vehicle as the previous owners hacked the crap out of it.
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