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At this point, I am waiting on funding to arrive for paintwork. Therefore, I decided to tackle some smaller things while waiting.
Starting with the headlight buckets. The reason I wasn’t able to adjust them… The harness must have been the only thing holding them in.

I looked around for replacements, but all I was able to find are cheap plastic universal ones. So I decided to spend a couple of hours welding up a set of my own. Chances are, they will outlast the truck. Got them mounted and installed the new headlights. The adjusters work beautifully.

I also decided to find out why the A/C fan switch was twitchy. After opening, it became clear why it wasn’t working that great.

After some cleanup. Im sure it will work fine now.

Finding the grill has proven to be a pain, and in the end, I will have to buy a couple of grills just to get the pieces I need. I managed to pick up a final type grill in good shape for a great price. I will be selling or trading the insert for a chrome muscle one. So if any of you want to buy a final type insert, or want to trade for your chrome muscle, let me know.

Im also on the hunt for black interior pieces.
- Arm rests
- Seat belts with the older Jeep logo
- Power window and door lock controls with harness
- Headliner (although I will probably just recover the one I have with black vinyl)
- Black Carpet
- Laredo seats and center section (I may recover the ones I have, but they are in fantastic shape and I would probably feel bad) Maybe a trade on these?
- Auto steering column, preferably with tilt.
- Hole plug for the old ignition opening
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