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All right, it has been a while since my last update. Things got a little challenging a few weeks ago when I started resealing the bottom end.

The kit that I ordered was an Omix-Ada lower end seal kit that included the oil pan gasket, rear main seal, front main seal, oil pump seal, and a few others I wouldn’t be using yet. I get the rear main seal out, only to find that the Omix-Ada seal was too small when putting it in…

Nobody local had another seal in stock, so I was SOL for that day. To boot, it started raining so I had to make room in the garage for her. I reached out to Advance Auto, and since I had installed the rear main from the kit, I was unable to return it… so $50 down the drain. At least I could use the oil pan gasket… or so I thought. Following the torque specs in the shop manual, it ended up squeezing the pan gasket so hard that it ripped in a couple of locations and squeezed out the side. I had to order a new pan gasket and rear main. About a week later, the new seals arrived. This time I went with Felpro. Perfect match.

Another crappy thing that happened… I ordered a set of 4x6 Pro Comp 9200’s for the brush guard lights from 4WheelParts. The lights that came, not even close to what was pictured. Hell, the lights were not even close to being 4x6. They were more like 2.5x4.25

The return process was less than desirable, I brought them back to a local store per corporate. They processed the return, but 5 days later, nothing. Called them up, they said they would resubmit it. 5 days later, nothing. Called them again, this time the person walks back to his admin and they processed it right there on the spot. The next day I had my money. I did manage to find the correct set of Pro Comp 9200’s on eBay. Same ing box….but this time the lights were the right size.

On the plus side, my vintage red letter KC covers came. 

AND, I found some pictures of the old KC 69 Series HiLiTES. Aside from being the chrome version and spot instead of spread, the housing and mount is virtually identical to the Pro Comp 9002.

Other than that, right now Im working on stripping the interior and exterior trim bits to prep her for paint.
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