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It followed me home,

And the wife said I could keep it.
New to me a beautiful 1989 GW. It looks as good inside as it does outside.

For now we'll just drive it like it is. Probably late next year the P pump 4BTA goes in along with Dodge 46RH trans and a Atlas T case with 3:1 gears.
Haven't researched how much lift it will need or any of the details of the swap so for now will just enjoy it.

on the trailer 2 by scout4bta, on Flickr
Found, the perfect Wagoneer to Dieselize, 1989 GW 360, 727, NP208
1980 IH Scout/4BTA/NV4500/Atlas 4.3/DYNO:172(HP),432(ft-lbs)25mpg

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