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I was wondering about the scorpions listed on E-bay. I'm wondering if you need the pushrod guides and different pushrods to run these- the crane website states you need these to run the crane gold series. If the Angus or Scorpions have a good reputation then I'd go that route- the Crane Gold series list for $320 on Summit. g503- it is tempting to go with the Edelbrock heads, but they do not include roller rockers which would add another $200-300 to the $1,500 for the heads. I'm hoping to get a good rebuild on a set of heads with new valve guides, springs, machining for the rockers, and rockers for $800-900 total. My engine will really never see sustained runs over 4,000 rpm- I think the stock heads should flow well enough. The way I look at it the heads would be an investment as they would bolt on my spare 401 which is waiting for the day the 360's bottomn end gives out.
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