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Well yesterday didn't go as planned. We drove 30 miles to a shop that specializes in transfer cases only have him show me one that had a hole in the rear case, a couple of broken studs in the front case and the front case had other damage. This, after 2 weeks of communications as to my requirements.

So, we drove off to another specialty shop that we talked to last week who said he could put us one together (for twice the price) in a day or so. I asked to see the case and now they can't find the rear half. He hands me the front half so we can get our mockup done but it's for a Chevy. I tell him it's not the same bolt pattern and he says " I can build these in the dark. It'll fit." So I borrow the front half for a test fit and guess what. It doesn't fit. Lol.

I called a tcase shop in NorCal and talked to a guy that said he can build one in a day and ship it. I'm waiting to hear back from him on input gear dimensions before I order. Problem is, I was hoping to have one by today so I can get the rear cross member either modified or build a new one this weekend.
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