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Originally Posted by Texas993
I have 2 GW's, one an 89 with Howell TBI and an 88 with Sniper. The Howell gets much better mpg - approx 14. Sniper gets 11 mpg.

Howell GW is much slower - but generally runs well.

Sniper GW is quick - but just got a fresh rebuild and Eldelbrock 4 bbl intake. So the engine may not be totally broken-in and I may be driving it harder.

Of the two, I definitely prefer the Sniper.

I've got an 88 with Howell TBI. i want to switch to the sniper 2300 and am trying to decide whether to spring for the master kit or the basic. do you think the inline fuel pump i've been using with the Howell will work with the Holley? i can't seem to find specs online, and i don't want to buy a fuel pump that i've not heard good things about if the one i'm using is fine.
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