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- Have you used new bolts on the rebuild or did you re-use the old ones?
I use the old stock main bearing cap screws and head bolts after inspecting and cleaning. I replace all of the rest of the bolts with new grade 8 or stainless. - With the exception of the stud/bolt that the power steering pump bracket mounts to.

- Same with the valve springs. New or used dones?
Most of the time I replace the valve springs to match up with the cam. I might use the original ones on a stocker if they look good and check ok on a spring tester.

- what is the difference between the cam in this build compared to your preferred 268H? This one has better torque at lower RPM, but less HP at the high end?
Most of the time it is personal preference. According to the specifications the 268H is geared toward more mid range but I have found it to work well at the entire rpm range. In this build, the cam came as part of the kit so there was no other option. It is the same as the Edelbrock Performer cam. The Performer cam sounds like a stock cam with no lope at all. The 268H has a nice little lopedy lope at idle. The is my little cheat sheet for cams.

AMCcamList1 by Rick Jones, on Flickr

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