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Hi Rick,

Great job! I was already fascinated by your first "budget" build.

Now I am getting closer to my own build. I could get a core 360 with the right heads to use the 343 pistons.

Some questions I have, just to know what I need to order:

- Have you used new bolts on the rebuild or did you re-use the old ones?
- Same with the valve springs. New or used dones?
- what is the difference between the cam in this build compared to your preferred 268H? This one has better torque at lower RPM, but less HP at the high end?

I am not looking to build a race monster, I just want the engine to perform according to its possibilities.

Other parts I will be using as I have them on my engine:

-Edelbrock Performer intake
-Holley 4 barrel 600CFM
-IMPCO 300 Propane system

-Standard headers, but Smog "humps" are cleaned
-2,5" dual exhaust
-MSD 8523 Ignition

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