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Originally Posted by bkilby
OK. So I finally get the Serpentine kit to put on this rig. Let me tell you the machine work is awesome. Very beautiful work. However along with any custom work comes issues. After spending that past couple of days dealing with belt alignment, spacer issues etc., we finally have it where it's going to work.


I agree with you on the quality of the parts and the difficulty to fit the serpentine kit. I concluded that water pumps are not made with any particular tolerances when it comes to the bolt bosses and it throws things off.

I am curious why you decided to mount the power steering idler pulley in the "up" position rather than in the "down" position where it has greater belt contact with the water pump and power steering pulleys? It also comes pretty close the the distributor in the "up" position. Bull tear recommended it in the "down" position when I talked to them even though it fits both ways and in one of their photos they have it in the up position. Beautiful build by the way!
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