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OK. So I finally get the Serpentine kit to put on this rig. Let me tell you the machine work is awesome. Very beautiful work. However along with any custom work comes issues. After spending that past couple of days dealing with belt alignment, spacer issues etc., we finally have it where it's going to work. One important note for those considering the same mod is...not all York AC mounts are created equal. The one larger, beefier bracket needs one mounting ear cut off to allow the kit to bolt up correctly. Not a big deal, just make sure you make a new top plate to secure the compressor from vibration.

One thing I do need to do is have the inside of the Alt pulley machined down. It's so thick and burly that once I installed it with the proper spacers etc for belt alignment, I can't put the nut and lock washer on. I need enough machine work to accommodate the lock washer So, I'll get it machined down about 1/4" to fix that issue. There were other issues here and there but it seems to have come together. Keep in mind I can't fire up the engine yet.

Gas tank skid was also finished. The gas tank is installed and now waiting for plumbing.

One hang up right now is, the PO in all his brilliant wisdom literally tore everything apart without keeping all the parts. There is a sealing washer I need for the oil pressure bypass valve that I can't seem to find. 5/8" ID. I need to find that before I can move on and get closer to starting the engine. Oiy! A few pics.



1974 Cherokee S. It's driving but needs more work. As usual!

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