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The other day I was looking under my hood and noticed the special order tag. To be honest even though I took pictures of this tag 2 years ago I never really noticed what it said until a couple days ago. This also got me thinking I might post pix of the various tags and placards my truck has.
So this first one is the special order tag

It's a shame you can't get a build sheet for one of these to find out what that means.

Next is the Willys tag and paint and trim code
I like the Willys tag, I think I read somewhere once that '72 was the last year that used that Willys name. The color code tells me the lower body color is "Copper Tan" I'm pretty sure the top half is "Champagne White" I'm not exactly sure of the trim package code.

Now here are interior placards. This first one was on the outside of the glove box door. When I repainted the dash I carefully removed and preserved it. I don't think I am going to reinstall it on the outside but might put it on the inside of the glove box.

these other 2 are inside the glove box

You would think that second one would have been on the outside of the glove box rather than inside. It also reminds me of an incident that happened with my '66.

When I lived in Minnesota I was at my brother's house in Proctor, which is up the hill from Duluth. We needed to get some groceries with a big snow storm going on, no big deal in my Gladiator. That is until we were on the way home. Going back up the hill I had it in 4WD and it was doing fine until we hit a patch of dry pavement. As soon as that happened there was a loud BANG! and the front driveshaft came through the passengers floorboard It also broke the bracket that held the transfer case shifter. I think I took some wire or something and wired the drive shaft up and drove on back to my brother's place. It was a real lesson about 4WD that's for sure.

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