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okay what about this for the pressure switch? It says something about 120v but i assume what ever the voltage you plug into it would work right?

Air filter will it work?

Check valve?:

safety valve?:

tee fittings?:


Possible air tank:

I thought that 120 psi is a good setting for Pressure switch shut off. Do you guys see any problems with 1/4" line? Too big too small? Tank seems kind of expensive but its already got the fitting bungs and such. The safety valve is adjustable but 150 is the rating of the tank so 150 or 160 would be a good setting i thought. I picked a gauge that goes up to 200 just incase all else fail i'll be able to see what the heck is going on before the tank explodes. The next lower psi reading is 160. just to close to the safety valve... these are just my thoughts on it all. What you think of this junk?
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